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Boardroom tables and value for money

Most businesses as some stage decide to buy some boardroom furniture, so that they can have a quality and luxurious meeting space for their customers, business managers and shareholders.

But invariably having the boardroom properly kitted out costs much more than originally anticipated.  The reasons for this are obvious but often overlooked.

First of all most boardroom tables are quite big and made with real wood. Real wood ( veneer) is very expensive when compared to an MFC finish normally associated with office furniture, and lots of it means a big price.

Secondly a big table means that a big number of chairs can be put around it.  If you are going to the expense of a  wood veneer table, it would not make sense to use some cheap fabric chairs to go with it, so once again a higher unit price multiplied by a large number means a bigger than expected cost.

We normally find that most boardrooms tend to have leather upholstery which further adds to the cost, but money can be saved here if a stylish fabric is specified instead.  In fact many  leather meeting chairs are now only leather faced ( matching vinyl is used on the back and base) which helps reduce costs.

At the top end of the leather chair pricing range is the quality leathers from Connelly and Muirhead for example. These are seriously expensive but the quality is second to none.
Further down the scale average quality hides are split into 3 layers, through their thickness to produce two very thin outer hides and one inner hide, which has no grain.

This middle hide  then mechanically stamped with a grain pattern on to give the impression of a real hide.
So three hides out of one can seriously reduce the unit cost of the leather chair.  However at this level of pricing most of these hides are stained black in order to hide the imperfections in the hide ( from barbed wire for example)

Also we often see vinyl and faux leather being used, and many of these imitate real leather very well.  Unfortunately many customers are put off by the word vinyl ( it was pretty bad 20 years ago) and it is now forbidden to hunt the faux for commercial reasons.

As with everything you really do get what you pay for, but there are some very inexpensive but good quality meeting room chairs out there in the market.
However there are also many which are imported form China which really do not stack up in terms of value for money, or continuity.

So, if you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on a new boardroom suite, it really would pay to speak to an office furniture dealer. Give them your budget and you may be surprised with what they can come up. After all they have been in this position many times whereas it is probably quite new to you.

Traditional reception chairs at affordable prices

Looking for office chairs for your meeting room can be difficult at the best of times, but even more so if you have left it to the last minute and need them urgently.
Most reception seating is upholstered to order which means a lead time of around 3 to 4 weeks.   And if you trawl the internet all you seem to find is very cheap wood framed chairs with limited choice of one or two drab fabrics.

Before you decide to buy these as your best option given your circumstances, take some time to consider these three well priced and, most importantly, available from stock reception armchairs.

The first a more contemporary chair that the rest, whilst still being a classic meeting chair,  The box sides and back are upholstered in leather and the wood legs are a natural beech or a dark mahogany  stain.

These chairs will grace any traditional office or waiting area and cost under £130 each. They are very comfortable without being too large and very well built

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Two new Presidents for CHW

CHW are pleased to offer two new leather office chairs from stock this year.
They are all new styles which complement our modern office furniture ranges.

Both chairs are upholstered in corrected grain leather, and the operating mechanisms are sourced from the mayor European manufacturers. This ensures  consistent and reliable operation for many years past their warranty period.

Although more expensive than some of the supermarket offerings, these chairs are made to a significantly higher standard, from quality materials. 

The result is a more comfortable chair which will stay that way for much longer, and which will take more weight for longer periods than cheaper inferior chairs. 

These chairs therefore offer much better value for money than the cheaper leather chairs in the market.
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Pledge Seating Collection

Pledge Office Chairs
Pledge Office Chairs

Pledge Office Chairs has nearly 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of office seating, with an enviable reputation for service and reliability. The office furniture dealer CH Workspace is proud to be a dealer in Pledge office seating products.

Individuals increasingly require specialist solutions to their seating needs in order to perform their work comfortably and in safety. The Pledge collection has been compiled to assist you with your seating requirements and represents exceptional quality, durability and value for money from one of the UK’s leading office seating manufacturers. The collection offers a complete solution for for organisation’s requirements, from task seating, managerial, executive, reception and breakout. Continue reading Pledge Seating Collection

Executive furniture at budget prices

Traditional wood veneer office furniture has always been at the top end of the price scale, mainly due to the fact that wood veneer is an expensive product to make and use.

But modern man made finishes are so realistic nowadays that they are the sensible choice for budget conscious buyers. It is a well know fact that they are more durable, won’t fade in direct sunlight, are virtually stain proof and heat proof. They are also easier to clean and to look after, and incredibly resistant to scratching.

But the best bit is that they are considerable cheaper than wood veneer executive furniture. This, together with the fact that they are usually available from stock, whereas the veneer option is usually made to order with a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks, makes the decision even easier.

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Meeting chairs – top buying tips

Meeting chairs range from basic four legged steel frames with fabric upholstered supports to quality leather upholstery on a wood frame, so you really do need to know what you want and your budget, before you start looking.

The unit price of the chair may seem low, but remember that you are going to need quite a few of them. Don’t be surprised if you find that the total cost of the chairs is more than the tables, as this is quite common.

A good quality barrel shaped meeting table can cost as little as £300, and accommodate up to 8 persons, but finding a meeting chair to suit the table for less than £38 will be impossible.

At this pricing level, your only choice will be a basic steel 4 legged chair with fabric upholstered backrest and base. These are more commonly used in basic reception areas or training rooms, where price is the most important factor.

They are reasonably comfortable but only for an hour or so, although there are different grades and thicknesses of upholstery foam available, which can make a big difference to the comfort.

So here are some tops tips to think about in order to get the best value for money from your purchase.

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Swivel chairs – a brief history

Swivel chairs have been around since 1800 when Thomas Jefferson invented one to allow the poorly treated office workers of the time a bit more comfort whilst multitasking.

Up until then the office chair was just a hard wooden affair, not dissimilar to a dining chair. The swivel feature allowed the worker to easily access different areas of the desk, in order to undertake different tasks.

These chairs, however, still looked like dining or captains chairs, just mounted on an early version of a 5 star base.
Soon after the arrival of swivel chairs, some bright spark fitted furniture castors to the bottom of these bases, and the office swivel chair was born.

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Ergonomic chairs – affordable comfort

The term ergonomic in chair design usually means that the chair had been designed with comfort and adjustability in mind, in preference to just price.  This usually means much better value for the customer who is prepared to pay a little more for a properly designed chair.
This article is about a range of ergonomic chairs called “Team”, which we feel is one of the best value for money chairs available in the market.

Stylish, well priced, superior comfort, intelligent model range, and all available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.

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Reception chairs – a buyers guide

You office reception area can be one of the hardest areas to plan, as so many variables have to be taken into account. Issues like access, security, health and safety, and lighting all need to be addressed and for this we would also advise contacting a local office furniture dealer for help and advice, which is often free.

But how do you go about deciding of what seating you want in your reception area?

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