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Mesh chairs at affordable prices

Mesh backed office chairs have been around for quite a while but recently we have seen most seating manufacturers in the UK bring out their own versions of this style of chair, which is becoming increasingly popular.

The main reason is simply to do with the actual look of the chair – the lack of padding makes the office chair look very sleek and contemporary. However it has to be said that a well designed mesh chair is usually more comfortable than a standard upholstered chair, and will be more comfortable in warmer weather as the fabric allows air to circulate much easier than with a traditional office chair which is upholstered with foam and fabric.

Also many of these office chairs have incorporated  the latest design features which have started appearing on the more expensive office  seating .  Features such as sliding seat mechanisms and ratchet height adjustable chairs are becoming standard on these products, as is another useful feature, remote control.

Simply explained, all of the main adjustment mechanisms, such as height, tilt and backrest freefloat/lock are all controlled by small thumb levers, situated at the side of the chair base, rather than buried beneath it.

This makes it very easy to adjust the chair from a seated position, rather than having to grope about under the chair looking for the right adjuster lever.

This technology has been around for quite a few years, specifically on the Aaron chair, which was and still is a very popular chair, often specified by architects. When this chair arrived on the market it was quite revolutionary with its extruded aluminium frames, mesh upholstery and easy to use cable operated seating adjustments.

They were not cheap but they were very well made and good value. They still are today, although now other manufacturers have been able to compete on price and value for money, even if the quality may not be as high.
The Aaron mesh office chair still sells at anything between £500 and £700 depending on optional extras, which means that it definitely sits at the higher end of the office furniture market, and this fact has allowed other manufacturers to come up with their own versions.

If you are interested in purchasing a mesh upholstered chair then your starting point is a budget version called Cobham which has a hi-tech mesh back with a breathable upholstered seat.
It doesn’t have the remote control mentioned above, but everything is within easy reach and it has a full synchronomic reclining mechanism.

It also has an adjustable lumbar support which is  a feature not usually found on office chairs at this pricing level

Priced at around £160 it represents real value for money

Another mesh backed chair worth mentioning is one called Enjoy from Mesh Seating. This chair has all of the bells and whistles including full remote control and retails at around £300 which is exceptional value

Even some of the more staid British chair manufacturers have decided to get in on the act with very stylish offerings

So if you think you could be tempted with this style of office seating please visit our office chair section for more information on these and other mesh chairs which we have on offer

Swivel chairs – a brief history

Swivel chairs have been around since 1800 when Thomas Jefferson invented one to allow the poorly treated office workers of the time a bit more comfort whilst multitasking.

Up until then the office chair was just a hard wooden affair, not dissimilar to a dining chair. The swivel feature allowed the worker to easily access different areas of the desk, in order to undertake different tasks.

These chairs, however, still looked like dining or captains chairs, just mounted on an early version of a 5 star base.
Soon after the arrival of swivel chairs, some bright spark fitted furniture castors to the bottom of these bases, and the office swivel chair was born.

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Oxygen office chair – a breath of fresh air

Recently launched in the UK, the Oxygen chair changes our perception of the basic office chair.
The black moulded seat and back casing has gone to reveal a fresh, stylish design which offers both function and form.

Perfectly shaped to provide lumber and thigh support with an adjustable lumbar support as standard, this chair is destined to be a best seller for 2009.

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From bench desks to bedrooms

Quick delivery, good design, and great pricing seem to be Hawk Office Furniture’s trademark.
Plus of course they produce one of the most stylish and colourful catalogues in the market
Bench desking, designer operator chairs, breakout seating and some very beautiful and stylish glass tables have now all been added to their already impressive range.They have also included a few furniture items which you might not expect.

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The secret to being comfy – Office chairs revisited

Many people think that an office chair is just a chair and buy them based on price, but there is a lot more to think about than just price. A decent chair will have a mechanism that assists your muscles to support your body. The main principle is that the backrest of the chair is under tension, but is free floating, so you can move about freely, whilst the backrest supports you. The tension is adjustable to suit your weight, so you can find the right balance of support you need.
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