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The changing face of boardrooms

Not that long ago  boardroom tables were large  and imposing, often made of a dark wood or wood veneer, with equally austere looking black leather armchairs, usually with a dark wood frame.  The boardroom was an “executive only “ area, exclusively for the use of the very top level of the corporate management, in much the same way as  executive washrooms in the old days.

But nowadays, most business cannot afford to have an expensive room for the sole use of the top level executives and board members, and don’t feel the need to have to impress their clients or contemporaries to this level, as before.

Boardrooms have in many ways been replaced by multifunction meeting rooms, which can offer a wider range of staff a wider range of possibilities.  Multifunctional furniture can allow even the smallest person in the office, to reconfigure the meeting room into many things. A staff training room, a lecture room, examination room, function room, and presentation room are just some examples of the many uses to which these room can be put.

By using flip top tables and stacking meeting chairs, the furniture can be packed away into a small space, leaving just a few tables out for the client buffet.  These tables can then be brought out again, swung into action and locked in place for that big staff meeting.

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Boardroom tables and value for money

Most businesses as some stage decide to buy some boardroom furniture, so that they can have a quality and luxurious meeting space for their customers, business managers and shareholders.

But invariably having the boardroom properly kitted out costs much more than originally anticipated.  The reasons for this are obvious but often overlooked.

First of all most boardroom tables are quite big and made with real wood. Real wood ( veneer) is very expensive when compared to an MFC finish normally associated with office furniture, and lots of it means a big price.

Secondly a big table means that a big number of chairs can be put around it.  If you are going to the expense of a  wood veneer table, it would not make sense to use some cheap fabric chairs to go with it, so once again a higher unit price multiplied by a large number means a bigger than expected cost.

We normally find that most boardrooms tend to have leather upholstery which further adds to the cost, but money can be saved here if a stylish fabric is specified instead.  In fact many  leather meeting chairs are now only leather faced ( matching vinyl is used on the back and base) which helps reduce costs.

At the top end of the leather chair pricing range is the quality leathers from Connelly and Muirhead for example. These are seriously expensive but the quality is second to none.
Further down the scale average quality hides are split into 3 layers, through their thickness to produce two very thin outer hides and one inner hide, which has no grain.

This middle hide  then mechanically stamped with a grain pattern on to give the impression of a real hide.
So three hides out of one can seriously reduce the unit cost of the leather chair.  However at this level of pricing most of these hides are stained black in order to hide the imperfections in the hide ( from barbed wire for example)

Also we often see vinyl and faux leather being used, and many of these imitate real leather very well.  Unfortunately many customers are put off by the word vinyl ( it was pretty bad 20 years ago) and it is now forbidden to hunt the faux for commercial reasons.

As with everything you really do get what you pay for, but there are some very inexpensive but good quality meeting room chairs out there in the market.
However there are also many which are imported form China which really do not stack up in terms of value for money, or continuity.

So, if you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on a new boardroom suite, it really would pay to speak to an office furniture dealer. Give them your budget and you may be surprised with what they can come up. After all they have been in this position many times whereas it is probably quite new to you.

Flip top tables from stock

With the ever increasing pressure on businesses to make the best use of their office space, we are more often than not specifying flip top tables as the ideal solution for most training and meeting room requirements.

These tables have the advantage of being easily reconfigurable in minutes and the job can be carried out by anyone in the office.

Their clever design means that the weight of the table does not have to be lifted during the reconfiguration.
Once in their new layout, the castors can be locked and the meeting table tops fixed to each other with an easy to use locking bracket or hand wheel.

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Movable office meeting rooms.

These days the office buzzword is flexibility. Hot desking, break out areas, mobile pedestal garages, flip top and folding tables, are all words most modern businesses understand. They mean adaptable work environments, which can change to suit what’s needed next week, not next year.

We have come a long way since offering mobile pedestals as a flexible alternative to fixed pedestals, Moving the pedestal out from under the desk gives you more room if you are training someone for example, or provides a handy additional temporary worktop when sorting or researching old files.

Meeting room furniture has also come a long way since the big heavy boardroom table.  Lightweight flip top tables on lockable castors make light work of reconfiguring meeting rooms in minutes, and can be done by any member of staff.

Folding and stackable chairs , along with meeting furniture trolleys make it quick and easy to clear rooms for buffets, or fill them with chairs for seminars.
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Clever meeting tables

Most businesses nowadays have to make the best use of all of their office workspace.
Desks are getting smaller, although flat computer screens  mean that this is not such a problem, and people are sitting much closer together.  But clever design and the provision of a break out and relaxation areas for the staff can actually improve working conditions.

The same applies to meeting areas, which have undergone a radical change in the last fifteen years.  No longer do we see large offices filled with one expensive veneer boardroom table and equally expensive meeting chairs.

This office space is just to valuable to be left for the occasional use of senior board members and shareholders.

Instead these areas are being partitioned into smaller yet highly efficient meeting rooms.
These rooms are used on an almost continual basis with staff members booking in their time to use the space, whether for a formal meeting with clients, a general chat with colleagues about a specific project, or just somewhere quiet to work for a brief period.
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Glass meeting tables and their pitfalls.

At the moment it seems like every architect and designer wants to specify glass for their current office planning project.  It compliments the sleek clean lines of modern office buildings and the way it reflects light whilst being transparent  really opens up an office space.
But the problem with glass meeting tables or desking is that they do not work well will cables and computer equipment.
Everyone knows of offices where above desk level everything looks fine but look underneath and there is a mass of wires, a CPU or two, transformers, extension sockets and even spare shoes and bags.
These aren’t that noticeable when the desk has a opaque surface – the dark area below is hidden from view, but with a glass top all of your mess is revealed in detail.

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Meeting tables for smaller offices

Over the years we have seen training and meeting rooms getting smaller and smaller.
The need to fit more people in and have more meeting rooms, has meant that offices are constantly being reconfigured to meet these demands.

Which is why we have added to our range of meeting tables which are available from stock, a smaller version of our popular and well priced barrel shaped meeting table.

This new table looks exactly like its bigger brother, but is slightly shorter at  two metres long and only one metre wide ( at its widest point) .

The flat ends of the table are eighty centimetres, which is also slightly less than its bigger brother.

And, provided you are careful about which meeting chairs you choose, this table can still seat up to 8 persons.

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A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room Tables

Meeting room tables can range from basic rectangular tables with metal legs and a melamine surface through to real wood veneer executive boardroom tables. CH Workspace can supply these tables, and all styles between.

Modular Meeting Tables
Modular Meeting Tables

Modular tables, unlike one-piece tables, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so that the meeting room can be re-configured for different purposes, for example in a horseshoe for a training session or in a rectangle for a meeting. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room Tables

Budget desks at budget prices

These days most business are feeling the pinch, having been affected in some way by the current worldwide recession. But although there is pressure to spend less money, there is even more pressure to ensure that you get good value for money.

In this respect you have to be very careful with your office furniture purchase, making sure that it is really suited for your purpose, and that it is well built and will last for the length of time you anticipate it to.

This is where a dealer will be able to help you choose the right product or range at the right price. It makes more sense in the current climate to lease your  furniture, than to buy it outright. That way you are able to keep hold of your cash, and there are some significant tax advantages to leasing your capital equipment rather than buying it.

But having said all of that, there are times when all you need is a couple of cheap desks which will do the job for now, and you want them quickly.

This is where the ML20 range comes in

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