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Meeting tables for smaller offices

Over the years we have seen training and meeting rooms getting smaller and smaller.
The need to fit more people in and have more meeting rooms, has meant that offices are constantly being reconfigured to meet these demands.

Which is why we have added to our range of meeting tables which are available from stock, a smaller version of our popular and well priced barrel shaped meeting table.

This new table looks exactly like its bigger brother, but is slightly shorter at  two metres long and only one metre wide ( at its widest point) .

The flat ends of the table are eighty centimetres, which is also slightly less than its bigger brother.

And, provided you are careful about which meeting chairs you choose, this table can still seat up to 8 persons.

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A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room and Conference Room Chairs

Conference Room Chairs
Conference Room Chairs

Any training room, meeting room or conference room needs chairs for the attendees to sit on. You need to think carefully about your choice of chair, there are many different styles and types available on the office furniture market.

Firstly you need to think about functionality – do they need to be stackable or transportable? Stackable chairs vary in the number you can stack in one pile, from as little as three to as many as seven. Also, some stackable or folding chairs have special transport and storage trolleys available to make your life easier. If you are using the chairs for conferences and there are no desks or tables, some chairs have optional writing tablets that can be fixed on the side of the chair so that attendees can take notes. For large meetings, it may also be useful if the chairs have optional linking and spacing kits, so that attendees cannot move the chairs once you have placed them as you want them. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room and Conference Room Chairs

Leather meeting chairs – affordable style

Customers looking for a large table and chairs for their meeting room are  often surprised at the total cost of the office furniture, and this is nearly always to do with the number of meeting chairs required.

The single table, at around £2,000 seems a good deal, and £200 is a good price when you are looking at  a decent quality leather meeting chair, but when you need 12 of these, suddenly the cost of the chairs is more than the cost of the boardroom table.

Our solution is a well known range of meeting chairs called Passe-partout.  The range has been thoughtfully designed to offer a value for money solution to your seating requirement, from a straightforward  fabric covered  reception, visitor or meeting chair to a full leather cantilever armchair for your executive boardroom.

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Meeting chairs – top buying tips

Meeting chairs range from basic four legged steel frames with fabric upholstered supports to quality leather upholstery on a wood frame, so you really do need to know what you want and your budget, before you start looking.

The unit price of the chair may seem low, but remember that you are going to need quite a few of them. Don’t be surprised if you find that the total cost of the chairs is more than the tables, as this is quite common.

A good quality barrel shaped meeting table can cost as little as £300, and accommodate up to 8 persons, but finding a meeting chair to suit the table for less than £38 will be impossible.

At this pricing level, your only choice will be a basic steel 4 legged chair with fabric upholstered backrest and base. These are more commonly used in basic reception areas or training rooms, where price is the most important factor.

They are reasonably comfortable but only for an hour or so, although there are different grades and thicknesses of upholstery foam available, which can make a big difference to the comfort.

So here are some tops tips to think about in order to get the best value for money from your purchase.

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Cheap meeting tables in a hurry

Usually you will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for a meeting table to be made and delivered to you, but we have quite a few cheap solutions if you really are in a hurry
Starting with our MT range we can deliver and install a 220cm long by 110cm panel ended barrel table within a week of placing an order, sometimes even faster.
The table is available in cherry, maple or beech, and will seat 6 persons comfortably. We also have a wide range of good value meeting chairs which can also be delivered at the same time.
This table costs £290 for the panel ended version and the same for the metal framed version shown below:-

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Oxygen office chair – a breath of fresh air

Recently launched in the UK, the Oxygen chair changes our perception of the basic office chair.
The black moulded seat and back casing has gone to reveal a fresh, stylish design which offers both function and form.

Perfectly shaped to provide lumber and thigh support with an adjustable lumbar support as standard, this chair is destined to be a best seller for 2009.

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Beat the recession – increase productivity

Suffering in the recession? Want to increase staff productivity?

Here’s our handy guide for getting more from your staff.

3 – 4 Comfort breaks a day, 10 – 15 minutes each.  Save this valuable time and keep your staff working with our handy range of Office Loo Chairs.

No more time away from their desks and could save around 1 hour a day per employee. Your staff are sure to love this time saving device.
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Designing an effective meeting room

Bespoke Boardroom Furniture

As with all areas of the office a little thought and some careful planning will ensure that you create an effective meeting area. It is important to look at all requirements together rather than splitting furniture from decorations and audio visual as each impacts upon the other.

Probably the first consideration is to be sure what type of meetings you hold as this will probably dictate the type of table you purchase. If the meeting room has several functions such as board meetings, training Continue reading Designing an effective meeting room