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Sound absorbing desk top screens

We get lots of calls from customers who would like to improve the sound quality in their

offices. Too many times we have heard that the noise from a colleague when they are on the phone is very distracting and they would like to resolve this problem.

Well, CH Workspace do sell proper acoustic screens which will do the job but it’s not as simple as that.  The difference in price between a basic cloth upholstered screen, and a sound absorbing screen is significant. At least double would be a good estimation in most cases.

This is because a basic office screen is, in simple terms, a board with fabric over it. The board is solid and has a couple of holes drilled into the base, into which the screen clamps fit.

If you order a pinnable screen, then the board is a soft fibreboard into which pins can be pushed.

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Cable management for your office furniture

Most businesses, when budgeting for their new office furniture, don’t always allow an amount to cover any additional cable management requirements which they may have.
Most office desks will have some form of cable management, although on some of the budget office desks, the facilities will be somewhat limited.
So you should spend some time to work out exactly how your new office desks will be used, and what level of cable management you will require.  Different styles of desk need different forms of cable management so it is important to get it right before deciding on they style of desk you like.
Also you need to look at you current office wiring, as perimeter cabling and  floor boxes need different cable management systems.

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Office furniture planning advice

We are often asked if we can help with office furniture planning and the answer is always yes. Our sophisticated CAD  design systems can produce 2D and 3D renditions which are almost life-like.  Most of our office desks and chairs have already been drawn to scale for use in our CAD systems so we can literally just drag and drop the items into place as required making space planning quick and easy.

We are happy to visit your offices to take all relevant measurements to enable us to produce a scale drawing, but obviously this is subject to our work load, your location, and the amount of planning required. 

 Sometimes it is just not economically viable for us to travel hundreds of miles to measure up just few office desks.

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Demountable partitions with a difference

CH Workspace are always on the lookout for new and interesting office furniture and related products and we were told about this one by our office refurbishment side of the business. They had just completed an Art and design studio refurbishment and had used these innovative expandable walls to divide the main open plan areas into separate meeting spaces and break out areas

The concept is strikingly simple.  What looks like a thick block of paper 2 metres high is in fact a flattened honeycomb of nonwoven polyethylene material, which can be pulled apart like a concertina to make a wall 3 to 4 metres long. The material is tear, water and UV resistance and fully recyclable
The end section of this huge paper wall is magnetic so that one section can be easily joined to the next. The gauge and stiffness of the honeycomb structure gives the whole wall exceptional stability and rigidity, especially when you consider what the product is.

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How big is your desk

We often get calls from customers asking what size office desk they should be buying, but it is an impossible question to answer easily without more information .

It’s a bit like someone asking a car dealer what type of car should they buy. There are so many factors that to answer the question you do really need to give your office furniture dealer as much information as you can.

You need to think about this question logically, which means starting with factors that you cannot change.
For example the size of the office space and the number of people which have to be fitted into this space. Most office furniture dealers know the minimum square meterage of space, including walkways, which they need to allow per person, so can easily come up with a benchmark size of desk per person.

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Movable office meeting rooms.

These days the office buzzword is flexibility. Hot desking, break out areas, mobile pedestal garages, flip top and folding tables, are all words most modern businesses understand. They mean adaptable work environments, which can change to suit what’s needed next week, not next year.

We have come a long way since offering mobile pedestals as a flexible alternative to fixed pedestals, Moving the pedestal out from under the desk gives you more room if you are training someone for example, or provides a handy additional temporary worktop when sorting or researching old files.

Meeting room furniture has also come a long way since the big heavy boardroom table.  Lightweight flip top tables on lockable castors make light work of reconfiguring meeting rooms in minutes, and can be done by any member of staff.

Folding and stackable chairs , along with meeting furniture trolleys make it quick and easy to clear rooms for buffets, or fill them with chairs for seminars.
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Clever meeting tables

Most businesses nowadays have to make the best use of all of their office workspace.
Desks are getting smaller, although flat computer screens  mean that this is not such a problem, and people are sitting much closer together.  But clever design and the provision of a break out and relaxation areas for the staff can actually improve working conditions.

The same applies to meeting areas, which have undergone a radical change in the last fifteen years.  No longer do we see large offices filled with one expensive veneer boardroom table and equally expensive meeting chairs.

This office space is just to valuable to be left for the occasional use of senior board members and shareholders.

Instead these areas are being partitioned into smaller yet highly efficient meeting rooms.
These rooms are used on an almost continual basis with staff members booking in their time to use the space, whether for a formal meeting with clients, a general chat with colleagues about a specific project, or just somewhere quiet to work for a brief period.
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Burodial office furniture back in stock

Massive warehouse and fast delivery

 CHW are pleased to announce that once again we are able to supply the complete range of Burodial’s office furniture products for delivery within a matter of days. 

Thanks to a merger between one of our largest business furniture suppliers GDB International, and Burodial, their combined portfolio of furniture products can be delivered to you within a few days.


Our various catalogues have all the details you need about all of our stocked ranges, complete with prices and sample finishes.


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Distal office furniture – stylish and affordable

Another new range available from stock for 2010 is the Distal range of office desks.  Distal offers you real versatility with its combination of desk shapes and finishes and has the added advantage of being able to use the storage units or pedestals to the desk top.

We have brought back the narrow desk height pedestal and CPU pedestal to give you even more possibilities with regard to layout.

Quite often finding somewhere to safely store your CPU is difficult if you only have a small desk and want some additional storage space, but with this Distal range you can effectively integrate the storage with the desk supports which will save you space and money, and be much more convenient than a standard desk and mobile drawer or CPU units.


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