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Cable management for your office furniture

Most businesses, when budgeting for their new office furniture, don’t always allow an amount to cover any additional cable management requirements which they may have.
Most office desks will have some form of cable management, although on some of the budget office desks, the facilities will be somewhat limited.
So you should spend some time to work out exactly how your new office desks will be used, and what level of cable management you will require.  Different styles of desk need different forms of cable management so it is important to get it right before deciding on they style of desk you like.
Also you need to look at you current office wiring, as perimeter cabling and  floor boxes need different cable management systems.

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Reading the small print

Well, you know what its like; you are very busy and the telecommunications salesperson seems to have exactly what you want.

You ask him about notice of cancellation and are told that you can cancel anytime after the first year, So, satisfied with the service on offer, you sign on the dotted line.

Then five years and one month later, when you give notice of cancellation, you find out that you can give notice, but you can only cancel at each anniversary of your contract.

Unbelievable, maybe, but true definitely. We have just experienced this when changing our telephone services for our office furniture showroom in Colchester.

And the service provider is TML Communications Ltd, and they are meant to be one of the better service providers, apparently, or so they tell us.

It does make you wonder why business life could not be simpler. When you decide to change a service provider, surely a months notice should be enough.

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Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL)

Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms

CH Workspace, a leading office furniture dealer,  is also a dealer for ABL products. What are Accessory Bits? They are manufacturers and wholesalers of workspace accessories. Their product range has been designed to meet the needs of office designers and integrators everywhere.
The high quality products they sell represent our many years of experience in the industry and allow for quick installation in existing and new offices alike, helping you maximise the efficiency, safety and ergonomics of your work environment.
They specialise in accessories for computers and cable management systems for workstations, a selection of their products is shown below. If you need any further details or have a problem that needs solving, please contact CH Workspace on 0800 731 3627 for more information. Continue reading Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL)

Wireless Power ?

Office Electrics
Office Electrics

We all have so-called wireless devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, printers, keyboards and mice and much much more. So why is our desktop still cluttered with wires and why do we still feel tethered to our office furniture?

Because we still need power. There are many alternatives, but none of them work satisfactorily. Ordinary batteries seem so wasteful and environmentally unfriendly, re-chargeable batteries seem to run out much faster and are never charged when you need them. Solar chargers are expensive and rely on the sun – not much of that here – and all the other dreams of hydrogen-powered micro fuel cells and all the other technology promises are just that – promises. Continue reading Wireless Power ?