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How big is your desk

We often get calls from customers asking what size office desk they should be buying, but it is an impossible question to answer easily without more information .

It’s a bit like someone asking a car dealer what type of car should they buy. There are so many factors that to answer the question you do really need to give your office furniture dealer as much information as you can.

You need to think about this question logically, which means starting with factors that you cannot change.
For example the size of the office space and the number of people which have to be fitted into this space. Most office furniture dealers know the minimum square meterage of space, including walkways, which they need to allow per person, so can easily come up with a benchmark size of desk per person.

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Office Furniture Catalogues

Producing an office furniture catalogue can be a nightmare. Firstly, you have to understand the furniture market. Furniture manufacturers don’t usually sell directly to end users, they normally have a network of dealers and re-sellers and most business furniture dealers have a large number of manufacturers on their books. Continue reading Office Furniture Catalogues

A Buyers Guide to GDB Office Furniture

A Buyers Guide to GDB Office Furniture

GDB Design is a European wholesaler of business  furniture, with offices in most European countries, including the UK. They negotiate with some of the best furniture manufacturers in Europe and beyond to provide one of best ranges of furniture on the European market.

One of the most interesting features of the GDB system is that they have huge quantities of furniture stored in a European warehouse, which is shipped out, on demand, to local warehouses. The logistics system is so well adapted to the market that all GDB’s desks and chairs can be delivered and installed anywhere in Europe within a week or so. Most business  furniture manufacturers make their furniture  to order, so you might have to wait for up to six weeks for other  furniture for your office . Continue reading A Buyers Guide to GDB Office Furniture

Office Furniture Blogging

Office Furniture
Office Furniture

Whilst our main business is supplying office furniture, we try to offer as much advice and information on our website, in the hope that it might help our current and  potential customers!. We have written many articles on what is a very wide reaching and comprehensive subject, and hopefully some people have leant something from our scriblings Continue reading Office Furniture Blogging

Why choose CH Workspace for your Office Furniture

1. Logistics.

The products in CH Workspace’s office furniture catalogue come from one of Europe’s largest furniture distribution centres. This gives us the capacity to supply and deliver what you need, when you need it and at the right price. Our logistics chain covers all aspects of business  furniture supply, from manufacturing and warehousing, through delivery and installation for the end user, through to an after-sales service second to none. Continue reading Why choose CH Workspace for your Office Furniture

How to choose your office furniture dealer

Not all furniture dealers are the same…..when choosing an office furniture dealer you need to be aware

Office Furniture Catalogue
Office Furniture Catalogue

of a number of factors. It is worth remembering that most  furniture manufacturers will not deal with individual customers: they usually each make a limited range of products, for example boardroom tables or office chairs, and they don’t have the logistics and sales organisation to service individual customers. Usually they operate through a network of business furniture dealers.

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How to Buy Office Furniture in a Recession

The office furniture market is particularly competitive at the moment. There are far fewer furniture projects around due to the fact that there are fewer companies being created and relocation and office refurbishment projects have been cancelled or delayed due to budget constraints. Many smaller  furniture dealers are feeling the pinch, particularly those with high overheads associated with local showrooms and high staff numbers. Continue reading How to Buy Office Furniture in a Recession