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Is it 2014 already?

We only just looked away for a few minutes and it seems that 2014 is already upon us.

All those plans we had, are still not much further ahead  than when we first thought of them.

And , as we all know, each year comes and goes at a faster speed than the previous one, meaning that we are less likely to get even what we got done last year, done this year.

So more than ever proper planning is essential to get the best out of your time. Simple plans with identifiable final goal and  staging posts. Technology  seems to make things change even faster so the only way to keep up is to keep things simpler and simpler.  Take Google and Seach Engine Optimisation for example.

It has taken much of last year just to work out what has been going on with the many  Google algorithm changes. Many businesses have suffered , and many search engine optimisation companies have called up offering another unique solution to our expected predicament.

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Pure office furniture

Pure is  new range of office desks which we now hold in stock for immediate dispatch.

It compliments our other ranges of office desks by being elegant, simple and stylish.

The tapered leg frames, which are available in a cool white finish as well as the standard aluminium finish, add style to any office , at a price which is comparable to many budget office desking ranges.

The Pure office furniture range is available with a variety of top finishes, from  a dark cinnamon walnut to snow white, to match the desk frames.

There is even a height adjustable frame option in the Pure range, which caters for tall staff.

In addition to the rectangular and radial desks offered in this range, there are also meeting ends, meeting tables, and even a barrel shaped boardroom table.  Our standard range of desk high and under desk mobile pedestals also compliments this range, especially as we now have white finished mobile pedestals as a standard stocked furniture product.

The Pure office desk frame is certainly a break from the traditional look of office desks, and would not look out of place in a designer home or office, especially when finished in white.
As our photographs show, Pure is aptly named, as the desk exudes pure style as well as pure function. Clean lines, no clutter, and a beautifully designed leg base, adds a level of quality and sophistication not often found at this pricing level.

With over 15 shapes and sizes of desk, Pure can solve your small office or study needs, especially when you consider the thousands off complimentary products which are available in our main office  furniture brochure.

As with all of our desking ranges  the whole of the Pure range is available on our Cad system in 2 and 3D format, enabling us to produce stunning 3 D renditions of your new workspace using the Pure Office Furniture range.

So please call us today, and you new Pure furniture could be with you by the weekend

Express Office Line launched

In addition to our main office furniture brochure which details over 30,000 products, all of which are available for delivery and installation within five days we now have a range of products which are held in local stock ready for immediate dispatch.

This range of office furniture includes  panel and I frame desking, desk height and under desk mobile pedestals,  all available in a wide range of desk top finishes  and styles.

The main two ranges are called WALTON and GANTON  and offer a very comprehensive range of desk sizes and shapes.

Both ranges also offer a variety of desk top finishes and well as some optional frame finishes where relevant

The Ganton range is a panel ended system which looks like a  traditional style of office desk, whereas the Walton range is a more contemporary style with I frame of corner legs frames.

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Danny Buchan leads again

Once again Danny Buchan has managed to finish on the podium at what is arguably his worst track in the calendar. And he was riding a borrowed bike.

The Superstock 1000 cc race was the first one on the card at a wet and windy Thruxton on the bank holiday Monday, although thankfully the morning stayed dry enough for the race to be started on slicks.

Danny has managed a disappointing 8th place on the formation grid for the race, mainly due to having to spend so much time setting up the bike for this circuit ( this is the first time that Danny Buchan has raced a litre bike here)

The track is incredibly fast and equally incredibly bumpy, so it is very  important to get both the gearing and the suspension absolutely correct, which judging by Danny’s first few corners, is exactly what his mechanics had done.

By the end of the first lap Danny was lying 4th, hot on the back wheel of his teammate Howie Mainwaring , who was also doing very well, running in 3nd place.  At one point there was also another green zx10 in the mix at the front ridden by  Victor Cox

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Office furniture on the up for 2010

In general things do seem to be improving as we head into the summer months. The weather is better, the evenings are light until well after 9 o clock, and it is still relatively warm.

People in general seem a little  happier and now there is some sort of stability with our government.
Plus the football has started, and even if you are not an avid fan of the game itself, the international aspect of it always makes it worthy entertainment.

Business seems to be a lot more buoyant with lots of enquiries for office furniture, both from home and from businesses.

We have even had new orders from some of our customers in the house building trade, which is always a good sign that the economy is moving again.

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Reading the small print

Well, you know what its like; you are very busy and the telecommunications salesperson seems to have exactly what you want.

You ask him about notice of cancellation and are told that you can cancel anytime after the first year, So, satisfied with the service on offer, you sign on the dotted line.

Then five years and one month later, when you give notice of cancellation, you find out that you can give notice, but you can only cancel at each anniversary of your contract.

Unbelievable, maybe, but true definitely. We have just experienced this when changing our telephone services for our office furniture showroom in Colchester.

And the service provider is TML Communications Ltd, and they are meant to be one of the better service providers, apparently, or so they tell us.

It does make you wonder why business life could not be simpler. When you decide to change a service provider, surely a months notice should be enough.

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More interesting than office furniture

Sometimes, believe it or not, things happen that are more exciting than office furniture, and when they do, we try to let as many people as possible know about it.  Usually though, it is to do with a new design of office desk or an innovative office chair for example, or we explain how new trends such as height adjustable desks both for office and home use are starting to take hold.

But this time it is nothing to do with office furniture, but a recommendation about a remarkable business situated between Sudbury and Colchester. We are based nor far from Colchester and stumbled on country pursuits oulet called Taylors of Sudbury whilst collecting some old desks from a customer in Colchester.

The business is family run, and stocks just about everything you might need for your horse and all the country clothing that you could ever require. Top brands such Musto, Barbour, and Seeland are well displayed in their attractive a spacious showroom. There is even a coffee area on site, which is handy, as you could easily spend a few hours in this establishment.
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Office furniture on two wheels

CH Workspace has redesigned its logo for 2010 to coincide with its UK Motorcycle racing sponsorship this year.  The logo has been designed by Topright Design, a well known Graphic Design Company based near London, and reflects CH Workspace’s  connections with, and addiction to, all things mechanical.

CHW has been a customer of Topright Design for many years,  after meeting Adam Bloomfield, at a motor design exhibition. Ever since then both Topright Design and CH Workspace have worked closely together on many different projects, including the design and build of a one off custom vehicle prototype for a travelling office   furniture exhibition roadshow.

The latest for Topright Design has been to design the new  office furniture logo which is part of the sponsorship programme for a talented young motorcycle rider called Danny Buchan.

 Danny Buchan is riding in the British Junior Superstock this year and the owners of CH Workspace are particularily pleased to be linked to Danny Buchan and his enthusiastic team.

Danny Buchan’s father, Jim,  has been a lifelong friend of the owners of the office   furniture company  and runs their transport, delivery and installation teams.

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