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Draughtsman chairs from CHW

CHW office furniture have introduced some new draughtsman chairs for 2010, to enhance our comprehensive range of general operator and executive seating which are always held in stock for fast nationwide delivery.

If you require a fabric upholstered draughtsman chair, then we have three  to choose from, all of which have a permanent contact backrest and a fixed foot-ring.

They are all guaranteed for five years and are available from stock for delivery in 5 to 7 working days.

All three draughtsman chairs are available in either a blue, black, bordeaux or grey fabric.

Both the seat and the backrests of these chairs are height adjustable ( Ratchet system on the backrest and gas lift mechanism on the seat)

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Winter driving tips

Although there seems to be some respite in some areas of the UK, the winter weather is still with us and continuing to cause many problems for everyone.


Our office furniture fitters have been having real problems meeting their delivery schedules, not just because of the extra time it takes to get round, but because when they do finally get there the person who ordered the desks or chairs hasn’t made it to work. 

 But whilst listening to our fitters moaning about how difficult driving a van load of heavy office furniture in 20 cm of snow is, they have come up with some  tips which may be of use to you.


Apart from the standard ones of taking enough outdoor clothing as if you are walking to work, and making sure you have water and snacks on board, ( plus an app on your iphone which points you to the nearest Macdonalds)  they also have the following to say:-


 If you drive a 4 x 4 please remember that you probably have tyres which are primarily designed for dry weather and high speed grip. So you may have more traction (ability to pull away in slippery conditions) but you wont have more grip ( ability to stop) if the road is icy or covered in snow.

The added traction from 4 wheel drive may make you feel more confident than you should be, resulting in you travelling faster than you should.

If you want more grip then you need to get tyres which are specially made for snow and ice.


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Swine Flu and office hygiene

Swine Flu could be a computer virus.

Well not quite, but recent research has shown that the average keyboard carries up to 4,000 different germs, and swine flu could be one of them. Don’t forget that the virus can live outside of a warm body for up to 20 hours so it could be lurking there to catch you in the morning. 

A while ago we told you  about the health risks associated with dirty keyboards, computers and office telephones; you may remember that the average office desk top has been shown to have more germs per square inch than your average toilet seat.

A frightening image no doubt, but logical if you consider that most public conveniences are professionally cleaned twice a day, whereas the most a keyboard can expect is a dusting every few days, but hardly ever a good deep clean.

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Why choose CH Workspace for your Office Furniture

1. Logistics.

The products in CH Workspace’s office furniture catalogue come from one of Europe’s largest furniture distribution centres. This gives us the capacity to supply and deliver what you need, when you need it and at the right price. Our logistics chain covers all aspects of business  furniture supply, from manufacturing and warehousing, through delivery and installation for the end user, through to an after-sales service second to none. Continue reading Why choose CH Workspace for your Office Furniture

Office lighting and efficency

Most businesses don’t consider office lighting as a means to improve efficiency but various studies have proved that quality light on every workstation can improve employee efficiency and reduce absenteeism by almost as much as improving the office furniture itself. Continue reading Office lighting and efficency

Cabling solutions for your desk

Most desks are sold with, at best, a very limited cable management system, but more often with nothing at all.  A simple system might be a horizontal beam system for your cables and power sockets, and two cable ports in the desk top to get the wires onto the desk.

Sometimes you might even get a vertical section of trunking which will tidy away the wires from the floor up to the underside of the  desk.
But effective cabling on any desk is essential for ease of use and for safety.  And once the power and data has been successfully brought up to underneath the desk, what then ?

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Office desks – a health warning

Recent studies have shown that your office desk has over 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat. And your phone could be even worse.  Apparently the risk of getting a virus or food poisoning is greater at your office than at home or in a restaurant.  This is a disturbing revelation and we doubt that many people are aware of the risk.
So why is there such an increased risk and what can we do about it?

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