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Office furniture on the up for 2010

In general things do seem to be improving as we head into the summer months. The weather is better, the evenings are light until well after 9 o clock, and it is still relatively warm.

People in general seem a little  happier and now there is some sort of stability with our government.
Plus the football has started, and even if you are not an avid fan of the game itself, the international aspect of it always makes it worthy entertainment.

Business seems to be a lot more buoyant with lots of enquiries for office furniture, both from home and from businesses.

We have even had new orders from some of our customers in the house building trade, which is always a good sign that the economy is moving again.

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Reading the small print

Well, you know what its like; you are very busy and the telecommunications salesperson seems to have exactly what you want.

You ask him about notice of cancellation and are told that you can cancel anytime after the first year, So, satisfied with the service on offer, you sign on the dotted line.

Then five years and one month later, when you give notice of cancellation, you find out that you can give notice, but you can only cancel at each anniversary of your contract.

Unbelievable, maybe, but true definitely. We have just experienced this when changing our telephone services for our office furniture showroom in Colchester.

And the service provider is TML Communications Ltd, and they are meant to be one of the better service providers, apparently, or so they tell us.

It does make you wonder why business life could not be simpler. When you decide to change a service provider, surely a months notice should be enough.

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Can’t afford to buy cheap

It may sound strange  but now more than ever is the time to avoid buying cheaply, as this invariably means worse value for money in the long run.
It has always been a false economy to make your buying decision purely on price, although most people will agree that, at the time, the cheapest does seem to be the most attractive.
This is true even more so now than in the past, with the internet and EBAY giving you the same product from different suppliers, all with their best prices. 

So the only thing to go on is price, as there is not much to differentiate between the suppliers other than the price.

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Winter driving tips

Although there seems to be some respite in some areas of the UK, the winter weather is still with us and continuing to cause many problems for everyone.


Our office furniture fitters have been having real problems meeting their delivery schedules, not just because of the extra time it takes to get round, but because when they do finally get there the person who ordered the desks or chairs hasn’t made it to work. 

 But whilst listening to our fitters moaning about how difficult driving a van load of heavy office furniture in 20 cm of snow is, they have come up with some  tips which may be of use to you.


Apart from the standard ones of taking enough outdoor clothing as if you are walking to work, and making sure you have water and snacks on board, ( plus an app on your iphone which points you to the nearest Macdonalds)  they also have the following to say:-


 If you drive a 4 x 4 please remember that you probably have tyres which are primarily designed for dry weather and high speed grip. So you may have more traction (ability to pull away in slippery conditions) but you wont have more grip ( ability to stop) if the road is icy or covered in snow.

The added traction from 4 wheel drive may make you feel more confident than you should be, resulting in you travelling faster than you should.

If you want more grip then you need to get tyres which are specially made for snow and ice.


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Beware of the Getty

This is just a precautionary tale to any of you who have taken images from the internet for use on your own website or promotional material and nothing to do with our business of providing office furniture.

You may think that no copyright exists ( the pictures may even be on a free picture site , but you must make absolutely of the status of the pictures. If you don’t, then there is a good chance that you will be slapped with a £1,000 bill by Getty Images, who seem to be very active in this respect.

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First Aid regulations to change in October

Significant changes have been made to the First aid at Work Regulation with effect from the 1st of October 2009.

Businesses needs to familiarise themselves with these changes to avoid falling foul of the new regulations.

Although safety records in offices  have improved significantly over the last 10 years there is still much to do.  Many businesses comply in spirit only to the current regulations, not realising that there is a current legal requirement for first aid training, risk assessment  and to appoint qualified personal within their offices.

Full details of the changes to be implemented can be found on the St Johns Ambulance site ( where there is also a very useful online questionnaire to help you find out if you are meeting your responsibilities).

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Swine Flu and office hygiene

Swine Flu could be a computer virus.

Well not quite, but recent research has shown that the average keyboard carries up to 4,000 different germs, and swine flu could be one of them. Don’t forget that the virus can live outside of a warm body for up to 20 hours so it could be lurking there to catch you in the morning. 

A while ago we told you  about the health risks associated with dirty keyboards, computers and office telephones; you may remember that the average office desk top has been shown to have more germs per square inch than your average toilet seat.

A frightening image no doubt, but logical if you consider that most public conveniences are professionally cleaned twice a day, whereas the most a keyboard can expect is a dusting every few days, but hardly ever a good deep clean.

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Economic downturn could change office furniture industry forever, experts say

This article was first posted by by Mark Sanchez | Business Review Western Michigan
As they navigate through the U.S. recession, executives at office furniture makers based in West Michigan know they’ll come out the other side facing a decidedly different marketplace.
How different, exactly, is the question executives are unsure about right now, though they know an economic period such as what the nation is now experiencing is sure to alter the landscape in which they operate.
“You can’t go through an event of this magnitude and the global effect of this event without having a profound effect on companies,” said Jim Keane, president of Steelcase Inc.’s Steelcase Group, who oversees three division: Details, PolyVision and Vecta.
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Flashprank Friday

We have already posted a blog on office furniture pranks, at last somebody seems to be taking us seriously! Comedy Central, who are broadcasting The Office, have recently conducted a survey on fun in the workplace and found these rather surprising results:

Comeday Central
Comeday Central
  • office laughter levels have dropped by 50%

  • 1 in 2 of us are too scared to share jokes for fear of recrimination from the boss

  • 1 in 5 say they never crack a smile during a working day

  • 14% have stopped talking to colleagues for fear of being thought of as lazy

  • Practical jokes have dropped by 66%

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