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Twin Distal office furniture

Another hidden gem in our range of stocked office furniture is the Twin Distal operator furniture range

Available as ever, from stock, for delivery in a matter of days, Twin Distal offers ten  top finishes, including aluminium, plus two  desk frame and trim colour options,

The Twin Distal desk offers as standard, comprehensive cable management at no additional cost.

The thick steel frame supporting the 25mm desktop is L shaped with additional corner bracings sections to provide a wide and secure place to store all of your sockets, cables and chargers.

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Pure office furniture

Pure is  new range of office desks which we now hold in stock for immediate dispatch.

It compliments our other ranges of office desks by being elegant, simple and stylish.

The tapered leg frames, which are available in a cool white finish as well as the standard aluminium finish, add style to any office , at a price which is comparable to many budget office desking ranges.

The Pure office furniture range is available with a variety of top finishes, from  a dark cinnamon walnut to snow white, to match the desk frames.

There is even a height adjustable frame option in the Pure range, which caters for tall staff.

In addition to the rectangular and radial desks offered in this range, there are also meeting ends, meeting tables, and even a barrel shaped boardroom table.  Our standard range of desk high and under desk mobile pedestals also compliments this range, especially as we now have white finished mobile pedestals as a standard stocked furniture product.

The Pure office desk frame is certainly a break from the traditional look of office desks, and would not look out of place in a designer home or office, especially when finished in white.
As our photographs show, Pure is aptly named, as the desk exudes pure style as well as pure function. Clean lines, no clutter, and a beautifully designed leg base, adds a level of quality and sophistication not often found at this pricing level.

With over 15 shapes and sizes of desk, Pure can solve your small office or study needs, especially when you consider the thousands off complimentary products which are available in our main office  furniture brochure.

As with all of our desking ranges  the whole of the Pure range is available on our Cad system in 2 and 3D format, enabling us to produce stunning 3 D renditions of your new workspace using the Pure Office Furniture range.

So please call us today, and you new Pure furniture could be with you by the weekend

Bench desks – even more popular

A while ago we mentioned that more and more customers are asking us about bench desking, and it seems the numbers of enquires just keep on climbing.

The way we work today has meant the  radial or wave style of  desks are becoming less popular, mainly because they are now unnecessarily large. They were deigned for use with large CRT monitors, which in the main are now obsolete. With a flat screen an 80cm deep desk is deep enough to place the screen in the optimal position.

So saving redundant  desk space , means that more desks can be fitted into the same space, or more area dedicated to other uses, such as file storage, meeting areas, or breakout areas.  Another advantage is that the bench desks are invariably cheaper than a similar wave or radial desk.

In addition, when the desks are laid out as a long line of desks ( which is effectively what bench desking is) the intermediate legs can usually be shared, which further reduces the overall price.

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STAND office furniture delivers

STAND is another range of furniture which has been added to our portfolio for 2010 and is already available from stock  in substantial quantities.

The range is split onto two  groups, MELAMINE STAND and METAL STAND.

The main difference between the two is that the former has a wood finish modesty panel to match the desk top and the latter has a metal modesty panel which matches the steel support frame.
The desk tops are available in 5 different finishes and the frames in 3, and there are 5 trim insert options if you want to bring more colour into your office desks.

The desks  are available in the 3 most popular shapes, rectangular, radial and wave, and again in all the popular widths.
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A Buyers Guide to Operator Chairs

A Buyers Guide to Operator Chairs

Primo Operator Chair
Primo Operator Chair

If you look in any office furniture catalogue you will find a wide range of operator chairs with a very wide range of prices. As with most things, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap operator chair you may well find that it is uncomfortable and will not last very long if you use them for long periods of time. These chairs are really designed for occasional rather than full time use. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Operator Chairs

A Buyers Guide to Glass Desks and Glass Tables

4Most Glass Desk
4Most Glass Desk

A Buyers Guide to Glass Desks and Glass Tables

One of the most surprising things about glass furniture is the very wide variation in price between the various options. This is almost always directly related to the quality of the materials used and whether or not they are mass produced. Many of the cheap glass desks and tables are made from low grade materials and are imported in bulk from the far east. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Glass Desks and Glass Tables

Our Products in Detail: 4Most Desk Range

4Most Desks
4Most Desks

4Most is a dynamic, go-ahead collection of business furniture suitable for all manner of applications. Adaptable and practical, it boasts an elegant and reassuring “Bridge” leg design which cannot fail to impress. In short, 4Most has all the hallmarks of a winner. Continue reading Our Products in Detail: 4Most Desk Range