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Home office furniture at affordable prices

These days everyone is looking to save money and all those cheap bargains from China seem to have gone away (probably a good thing as cheap is not the same as value for money).

So what do you do if you are looking for some good quality office furniture for your home office or study.

The man made office furniture finishes you see in most offices are fine for the workplace but do you really want it for your home?

The main reason that MFC is used for office desks is that it is cheap, very hard wearing and will not fade with time, so when you add to the office desks you already have, the finishes will match.

These are not problems we usually face at home so it would be nice to buy some office  furniture which is not  man made.

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STAND office furniture delivers

STAND is another range of furniture which has been added to our portfolio for 2010 and is already available from stock  in substantial quantities.

The range is split onto two  groups, MELAMINE STAND and METAL STAND.

The main difference between the two is that the former has a wood finish modesty panel to match the desk top and the latter has a metal modesty panel which matches the steel support frame.
The desk tops are available in 5 different finishes and the frames in 3, and there are 5 trim insert options if you want to bring more colour into your office desks.

The desks  are available in the 3 most popular shapes, rectangular, radial and wave, and again in all the popular widths.
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Do it yourself and save money

Sometimes you can’t find any standard office furniture product which will fit in the space you have, or will do what you want it to do, and its such a small job that most office furniture dealers won’t be interested in quoting to make it for you. Rather than give up or compromise have you thought about making what you want yourself.

It does help if you are a practical person, but even if not, you probably know someone who is and could be coaxed into helping.
Desk frames and tubular legs can be bought from furniture dealers, or from specific office furniture component manufacturers such as Hafele or Heltich. If you can stand the queues Ikea have a reasonable range of table legs and tops, and some of the larger DIY superstores often have a good range.

The above mentioned component manufacturers are also a good bet for cable ports, cable tidies and trays, drawer internals and locks etc, so you really are only limited by your own skills. Continue reading Do it yourself and save money

Facts about buying used furniture

One way to keep your furniture costs down is to look at buying second hand. There are a few websites which specialise in this market, and Ebay often turns up a few Gems. You can definitely save money but there are some pitfalls which come with 2nd hand office furniture
One is that there will never be enough of what you want and too much of what you don’t want. You therefore need to be fairly relaxed about what you get. If you want all the desks and chair to match then you probably shouldn’t be looking at 2nd hand. Your will also need to accept a few scrapes scratches and dings. Office furniture has a hard life and 2nd hand furniture will have its battle-scars. It won’t be shiny and new smelling and you might find a few unexpected items in the drawer units.
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How tidy is your desk? Accessories to help you organise

If you are one of the super organised people out there then you may have a nice tidy desk with everything to hand and a home for all your bits and pieces. If your one of the majority then your desk is probably far from tidy. If you have piles of paper, pens and pencils and the usual office paraphernalia scattered across your desk then maybe you should look at some of the latest ranges in desk accessories.

If its time to tidy your desk first take a look what you have on the desk and in the drawers and decide if you actually need it. The general rule is that the more places you give people to store things the more rubbish they will accumulate so be ruthless and clear out all the unnecessary junk. Chances are there will be things in the bottom of your pedestal that haven’t been looked at in months and if that’s the case then either file them properly or throw them out. How many pens and pencils do you actually need? Get rid of the rubbish.

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