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Office Furniture Budgets

Most of our customers have a good idea of what they have in mind or what they can afford for their office furniture requirements, but there are still those who really don’t have any idea, or  don’t really want to let us know what their budget it

This does present a serious problem to us, as office furniture  prices can vary enormously depending on specification and requirements.

For instance a basic 160cm rectangular operator desk with a steel frame, can cost as little as £100, but the same size desk, with a more stylish  desk frame, comprehensive cable management, and a thicker, better quality desk top, could cost as much as £700.

The same with call centre or bench desking. We sell entry level systems which work out at less than £200 per desk, but can offer top end systems at nearly £1,000 per desk.

In the same way as most cars are capable of getting you from A to B, safely and comfortably, some do it much better than others, and this is usually reflected in the price.

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Office furniture planning advice

We are often asked if we can help with office furniture planning and the answer is always yes. Our sophisticated CAD  design systems can produce 2D and 3D renditions which are almost life-like.  Most of our office desks and chairs have already been drawn to scale for use in our CAD systems so we can literally just drag and drop the items into place as required making space planning quick and easy.

We are happy to visit your offices to take all relevant measurements to enable us to produce a scale drawing, but obviously this is subject to our work load, your location, and the amount of planning required. 

 Sometimes it is just not economically viable for us to travel hundreds of miles to measure up just few office desks.

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Office furniture delivery times are changing

Not that long ago most office furniture was made to order, and this usually meant a lead time of around four to six weeks.

This really meant that your office manager needed to either plan well in advance, or carry some desks in stock.

Either case was not ideal, as usually the office manager is the last person to be told anything, and you can be sure that whatever stock you may have, it won’t be what is needed.

But over the last 15 years or so, manufacturers have steadily started to offer office furniture  ranges which are available from stock,  usually in the more standard finishes and shapes, but also traditional wholesalers have appeared, who hold large numbers of desks and  office chairs in different shapes and sizes, ready for immediate dispatch.

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Canteen furniture to go

Each year we try to extend our range of office furniture which is available from stock, and this year we have exceeded even our own expectations.

We have increased the variety on offer in most areas including our ranges of canteen and restaurant furniture.

Last year we introduced some very contemporary glass tops canteen tables and these have proved very popular. As well as being stylish and easy to clean they are also only slightly more expensive than our standard wood finish tables.

For this year we have introduced the Brunch Bistro table, which has a very attractive curved wireframe leg. This design feature is reflected in the matching canteen chair backs which also have an elegant arched appearance.

The Brunch Bistro range of canteen furniture is available in a natural beech or dark wenge finish. The leg frames are available in a satin aluminium finish or chrome for that traditional look.

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Office furniture cable management

This area of our business is the area which causes many  headaches.

Many customers specify top end desking systems and then fail to use the sophisticated cable management systems that they provide.
For instance sliding top desks are really useful if you need to get at your cabling on a regular basis, but no good if you have radial desks and desk height pedestals.

We have also seen sliding top bench desks specified and then fitted with central and intermediate desk top fabric screens. These units, when fitted, mean that the sliding top wont slide, which negates the point of buying them in the first place.

So we usually start a new project by looking at what the client actually needs with regard to cable management for most of the time.

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Height adjustable tables with thought

For many years we have been selling height adjustable tables, or more precisely electrically height adjustable desks  from our main office furniture site, but not without some problems.

Our main source of height adjustable tables is a Danish company called Conset, and although cheap, their product range is a not very specialised.

Their products, like all things based on price, are a little compromised and therefore the purchaser needs to make some allowance for this. For instance on certain sizes of height adjustable desk the desk frame actually partly blocks the cable port. To a normal person this would be regarded as a bad design but this height adjustable desk manufacturer is willing to accept slight flaws such as these on the basis of cheaper manufacturing costs ( and presumably less intelligent designers).

The other area where these desks have more serious problems, is where they are purchased, for example, by wheelchair users who need an electrically height adjustable desk in order just to get on with their life. The Conset  height adjustable desks all have horizontal support beams between the height adjustable legs, which reduce the amount of leg room available. This also restricts the amount of under desk space for CPU’s especially when using a CPU cradle, as the CPU has to be positioned in front of the support beam.

So if you are just after some height adjustable office furniture then in most cases their  products will fit the bill.

However, should you be looking for a height adjustable desk which has been specifically designed for a wheelchair user, then Scanflex have some very interesting and very clever products.

We will be dealing with their product range in greater detail later but  one of their products which we are very excited  about is a four  legged height adjustable desk or table, where each of the rectangular legs are height adjustable, and all operated at the same time by one control.
The legs are fixed to a box section perimeter frame, which will support all kinds of standard office desk tops. These box section frames are available in any length which allows for maximum flexibility. And best of all, the perimeter frame gives the user of the desk, the maximum amount of under desk space, and cable ports can be situated anywhere without risking being blocked by the steel frame. Plus there is plenty of room to accommodate a mobile pedestal  ( drawer unit on wheels) under the desk as well

This height adjustable desk or table and many other clever designs can be seen at on their website at www.scanflex.co.uk

Virtual office furniture

If you are looking to change the layout of your existing office or are moving to a new location then having someone to help with your office furniture layout is valuable help indeed.

Most office  furniture dealers will be able to help you with at the very least some basic two dimensional drawings which will give you an idea of what can be fitted into your office space, but if you are not used to working with flat line drawings then it is sometime very difficult to visualise what your new workspace is going to look like.

The more professional office furniture dealers will be able to help you even further by producing three dimension renditions of your office space, and, using similar finishes in the rendition for your walls ceiling, doors and windows, will be able to produce 3d renditions which are so lifelike that you will think the office  furniture, along with your office, has been mocked up in a photographic showroom.

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Office furniture in Colchester

CHW have been based a few miles from Colchester for  over seven years now and are proud to have a large number of local customers who have bought desks and chairs from us for their Colchester offices.

Whilst we offer a national delivery installation service for our whole furniture portfolio from one desk to a bespoke reception counter, it is always a pleasure to deal with local customers who live only a few miles from our head office, just outside Colchester.

The time saved travelling such a short distance means that we can spend more time on producing 3D renditions, and it is much easier to take along a desk or office chair samples for our customers to try out.

Colchester is one of the oldest towns in the UK, and the diversity of the buildings creates some interesting challenges for business furniture planning. 

Modern reception areas and meeting rooms need plenty of space to look their best, and some of the rooms in the ancient Colchester buildings are really not suitable for contemporary furniture.

Also many modern office furniture ranges are man made light wood finishes on an aluminium frame, which really does not suit some of the older offices.

However, within our range we do have a good selection of traditional styled desks and executive chairs which perfectly suit some of the older properties in Colchester. Plus we are able to manufacture to customers own design in a wide range of wood veneers and other materials which might compliment the décor of the building.

Currently we do not have an office furniture showroom in Colchester, but do have many visitors to our ones in Reigate and Central London. These have proved to be very successful in allowing our customers to  see and feel the quality of our furniture ranges and our longer terms plans do include to have a significant display of office desks, chairs and storage items displayed in a central Colchester location, which we feel will greatly benefit us and our local customers.

So if you are based in Colchester and would like a visit for one of our friendly office furniture professionals please give us a call or contact us through our main website

Exclusive desks – New and improved

The Exclusive range of office desks has always been a firm favourite with our customers for its striking and solid appearance, and for 2010 the range has been further improved with the addition of another glass finish for the desk tops and the storage cupboards.

The new finish is a smoked grey glass for the desk tops and a transparent smoked glass for the storage unit doors, and the combined effect is stunning.

The Exclusive range still caters for the traditionalists with a very deep laquered cherry wood veneer option for the desk tops and cupboard doors.
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