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Office Furniture Design

Over the last 20 years there have been big changes in the general design of office furniture and office desks in particular.  
For many years before this not a lot had changed. Technology had improved the design and finish of office furniture, and costs had reduced, mainly due to the larger number of office desks which were needed.

But in the main the office desk was essentially a rectangular work surface, supported by 4 legs and with some under desk storage attached.
Before the advent of computers, there was very little need for anything more than this.  A secretary could join a return desk to her main desk, so that she had somewhere to put her typewriter, and an executive could join two rectangular desks together using a quadrant section, to produce a really big double desk layout.

And even when computers started appearing, for a few years not a lot changed, except that now in the office was a dedicated computer workstation, to which people went to use the computer when required.  You have to remember that at this time Personal Computers were so expensive that they were not really personal, but shared between a department or section.
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Bench desks – even more popular

A while ago we mentioned that more and more customers are asking us about bench desking, and it seems the numbers of enquires just keep on climbing.

The way we work today has meant the  radial or wave style of  desks are becoming less popular, mainly because they are now unnecessarily large. They were deigned for use with large CRT monitors, which in the main are now obsolete. With a flat screen an 80cm deep desk is deep enough to place the screen in the optimal position.

So saving redundant  desk space , means that more desks can be fitted into the same space, or more area dedicated to other uses, such as file storage, meeting areas, or breakout areas.  Another advantage is that the bench desks are invariably cheaper than a similar wave or radial desk.

In addition, when the desks are laid out as a long line of desks ( which is effectively what bench desking is) the intermediate legs can usually be shared, which further reduces the overall price.

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Are office desks getting smaller

We have noticed over the last few years that we have been using much smaller office desks in our CAD designs than we used to.

We think that the main reason is that more is expected from the average workspace. It has to work harder for its cost so  more workstations are specified in the brief.

Also more has to be crammed into the working area.  15 years ago break-out areas had not been heard off, and if staff wanted  to relax they used the canteen area if there was one, or just went down the road to a café or pub.

The second reason is really to do with technology and how this has changed the way we work. Nowadays most of our work can be done on a computer in front of a screen or even a laptop.

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Defi Office furniture now in stock

For 2010 the Defi range of Operator desks will be available from stock, which means delivery and installation will once again be about a week for this range.

This range has been available from us for a number of years  on a longer lead time, but due to the substantial demand – it is very well priced for a steel frame office desk – we have decided to make it available from stock again.

With six desk top finishes and two frame finishes to choose from, all available from stock at very competitive prices, we are sure that it will be a top seller for us and a good choice for you.

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STAND office furniture delivers

STAND is another range of furniture which has been added to our portfolio for 2010 and is already available from stock  in substantial quantities.

The range is split onto two  groups, MELAMINE STAND and METAL STAND.

The main difference between the two is that the former has a wood finish modesty panel to match the desk top and the latter has a metal modesty panel which matches the steel support frame.
The desk tops are available in 5 different finishes and the frames in 3, and there are 5 trim insert options if you want to bring more colour into your office desks.

The desks  are available in the 3 most popular shapes, rectangular, radial and wave, and again in all the popular widths.
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Choose your desk carefully – Guide to buying office desks

The first decision to make is what shape you require. The 3 basic shapes offered by most manufacturers are rectangular, radial, or wave.

The rectangular desk needs little explanation, and to a large degree was replaced in popularity by the radial or crescent desk ( a rectangular desk with a tail or return on one side).

The radial desk was designed to allow much larger computer screens to be positioned on the desk top, whilst still achieving the minimum distance between the user and the screen itself.

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