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New Reception seating from CHW

We have added a few more products to our reception and  soft seating ranges for 2010, which are available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.

The Ellipse modular chair has been very popular in its many guises over the years, and now we have decided to keep it as a stock product from 2010 

Available in either black, blue or burgundy for under £200 including delivery, it can be a cost effective way of providing some visitor seating in even the smallest of reception areas.

For larger and more grand areas we can offer a choice of our classic single and two seater tub chairs ( called chest  easy seats)  in either fabric or leather with prices starting at under £200.

Once again, these are all available from stock for quick delivery, so you don’t have wait long for your ideal reception area to be finished, especially if you have chosen from one of our many stocked reception counter units as well.
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Rendez vous reception counters and soft seating

If you are looking for a striking reception counter but don’t wish to pay the price for a bespoke unit then you should consider the Rendez vous reception counter system

Sleek and stylish, with graceful curves and elegant silver detailing make Rendez  vous stand out from the modular receptions  you normally encounter. 

The dark wenge panels contrast perfectly with the silver kick plates and concave end panels and the floating glass tops add another dimension to the overall appearance of the reception counter.

Your receptionist will find the Rendez vous range very easy to work with, as it offers a counter shelf tall enough to accommodate a flat screen monitor, and ample work area for most requirements. 

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Hello and Welcome Reception counters from stock

We have added 4 new ranges of reception counters to our stock list for 2010, two of which are the Hello modular reception range and the Welcome reception counters.

Both are very versatile, offering a range of modular units which can be put together in various layouts to produce your ideal reception area.

The Hello reception counter range is available in a warm beech finish, in a choice of straight, concave, or convex modules.

Each module is in turn available as a high counter unit, a desk height unit, or desk height and extension section.
In all 9 different shapes and layouts, plus a D shaped meeting end to give you the flexibility of deign which you require.

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Azurea reception counters get a boost

One of our best selling modular reception counters have been given a boost with the addition of a stunning dark finish, as well as the existing cherry and white oak.

Many of our executive ranges are available in this rich dark wood finish, so now the reception area can match the rest of the office.

As before all of the modules in this range are available from stock, and can be delivered and installed within a matter of days. 

The modular nature of this range means that we can come up with a wide choice of configurations and layouts to suit your space, and can produce 3 D renditions of your reception area in a matter of hours.

Despite the Azurea counters look and feel of a bespoke and therefore expensive reception counter, the pricing is extremely competitive, even for a modular system.  The detailing in the front panels and the frosted glass  reception counter tops give this range a stylish appeal mostly found in much more expensive reception systems.

Receptions areas can be designed for one or many persons, with enclosed counter units or open desk level areas.

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A Buyers Guide to Reception Furniture

Optima Reception Desk
Optima Reception Desk

Space is one of the biggest limiting factors when designing most reception areas. People often try to get as much as possible into a small space, but the resulting effect is not always as expected – it can look very cramped. The first decision to make is whether you want a simple reception desk or a full reception counter. A reception desk can be a standard office desk with a raised counter top facing the customer. This can be useful if you have a reception area in an open plan office, for example in an estate agency. A good example of a reception desk is the Elite Optima, which matches their standard ranges of office furniture. This is often used when there are few visitors to the reception area and the person occupying the desk has other duties, eg telephonist, general assistant. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Reception Furniture

How to make your own office furniture (part 2)

In our first article on how to make your own office furniture we showed you how to make an office desk and office chair from scrap. In this article we will attempt to make more complex office furniture items, again from scrap materials. Once you have your desk and chair you will probably need some sort of filing cabinet. Continue reading How to make your own office furniture (part 2)

A Buyers Guide to Reception Counters

Reception counters can be used in offices, hotels, hospitals, sport centres and many other types of establishment. They are used to welcome guests and members of the public and to deal with their enquiries. They are now required to conform to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in that the operators of the reception areas must make adequate provision for disabled visitors.

Edision Modular Reception Counter
Edision Modular Reception Counter

The choices you have when deciding what reception counter to purchase depends on two key factors:

  1. The budget

  2. The timeframe

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Designer office seating

For many years office reception area seating has usually meant black leather sofas or moulded foam modular seating, covered in a basic open weave fabric. Practical and cheap but not very exciting

But more and more businesses are becoming more aware just how important their reception area is, both in terms of the statement it makes to their customers, and  the feel-good factor it has on their staff.

Indeed many businesses are now allocating specific areas of their offices for staff breakout or recreation areas, having recognised the necessity to provide social areas in order to improve staff moral and productivity.

And these areas are often colourful, modern and comfortable, giving the employee a necessary and welcome break from their desk, and an informal meeting area as well.

Although it is hard to actually calculate the benefit, various studies have been carried out and all confirm that employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and contentment are all increased in businesses where the staff are provided with quality rest and recreation areas, known as break-out areas.
Some companies are even progressing to the level of providing exercise and “forty wink” facilities in their offices, having seen the improvement in concentration and enthusiasm that these areas generate.
It really does seem that after a certain level, salary is not the most important motivator for the majority of office workers.

And motivation is the key to a successful business. A successful business allows employees to spend time chatting about ideas, sharing problems and brainstorming, in a very informal manner.
Coffee breaks are taken in these informal areas, with other colleagues, rather than sitting alone at their workstation.
Apart from the social and business advantages gained from having specific social areas, there is another advantage in that carpets and computer equipment are less likely to be damaged by hot drinks being spilled.

In addition there are specific health and hygiene advantages to taking refreshments (most importantly lunch) is designated areas rather than at the office desk, and is this is potentially one of the most germs filled areas in any office.
Office desks are never left tidy enough for the cleaners to be able to effectively kill germs and viruses which are always present, and in very large numbers if the desk or workstation is also used as a dining table.

Much of the stylish reception furniture available can be upholstered in your choice of fabric, either chosen to match your office interior or your corporate colours or logo.
Very often, in the past, the most basic of fabric was chosen in order to keep costs down, but this really is a false economy.

Whilst higher grouped fabrics are going to be more expensive, the added cost is relatively small whereas the perceived increase in quality can be very large, if the correct choice is made.  Tighter weave brightly coloured fabrics or imitation suede material can really lift what is a fairly basic piece of office furniture.

By carefully looking at different fabrics you can really add value to your purchase and create some reception furniture that is individual and unique to your business.

Many of the fabrics used in the office furniture industry are made by one of two major manufacturers and their websites are very informative and show most of the options available.
You can even request C5 sized samples to be sent to you by post.

So don’t just stick with what you see in the brochure. Dare to be different and you will be pleased that you did.

Designer reception counters at affordable prices

Designer receptions counters are usually made to order which means a long wait and a fairly hefty bill. The only alternative for something quick and cheap was a desk based reception unit, with desk top boxes and a full modesty panel fitted to it.

This would do the job but is hardly what could be called a stylish or designer product.

But the Azurea range has been designed to give you the style of a designer reception, but without the wait or the cost.

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