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Flexi office furniture from Elite

Elite Furniture in Yorkshire have recently launched a new range of desking called Flexi, which is designed as an entry level product to compliment their otherwise comprehensive range of furniture products.

Although the desk tops are taken from their standard ranges, and therefore available in a range of different finishes and sizes, the steel leg frames, have been simplified to offer a cost effective alternative to their more stylish but also more expensive furniture ranges, such as Callisto and Kassini.

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Office Desks – dont be fooled again


Everyone is affected by the current difficult times, but don’t get carried away with the so called bargains which are being offered.  Even now, you really do get what you pay for.
The Far East has seen the effect of the world slowdown, and are selling off lots of old stock at  ridiculous prices; UK dealers are then selling this stuff on at absolute minimum margins, just to keep the cash flowing. So you may pay a lot less than you expected, but in the longer term the hidden costs will catch up with you. A limited guarantee and the lack of spare parts will mean that your great office furniture deal will reach its end of useful life much sooner than you expected.

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Getting the most from your bench desks

GDB have recently launched an innovative bench desk system called 4Most which has been developed to solve most of the problems associated with this type of desk design.

It is well priced, available in a range of colours, and can be delivered and installed within a matter of days.

In addition, all of the complimentary units such as desk-top screens, cable trays, CPU holders, and monitor arms are also available from stock.

It has many advantages over similar looking bench desk systems, and these are not easily spotted when looking through brochures or on line pdf’s

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Choose your desk carefully – Guide to buying office desks

The first decision to make is what shape you require. The 3 basic shapes offered by most manufacturers are rectangular, radial, or wave.

The rectangular desk needs little explanation, and to a large degree was replaced in popularity by the radial or crescent desk ( a rectangular desk with a tail or return on one side).

The radial desk was designed to allow much larger computer screens to be positioned on the desk top, whilst still achieving the minimum distance between the user and the screen itself.

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Desk design – Evolvement over the last 10 years

Several years ago the office furniture market in the UK was quite straight forward and there were few options available for desks. Before computers became commonplace most workers used a rectangular desk with drawers and the secretaries added a return unit to house their typewriter. But as computers became the norm office furniture began to evolve to become the sophisticated products we have today.

The design of modern office furniture has been largely driven by the computer and in particular the size and type of screen used. As CRT monitors became larger office desk shapes had to change to enable operators to work straight on to the monitor. Crescent or L shape desks and wave desks were specifically designed to create depth across the curve or corner to create an ergonomic workstation. Since the introduction of flat panel monitors the shape of desks has gone full circle and we are now back to specifying rectangular desks more often.

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First impressions – Introduction to Reception Desks

So, you have decided to refurbish the office but you’re not sure where to start? The obvious place is reception, as this is the first area that all visitors experience when they arrive at your office. As has often been said, you only get one chance to make a first impression so why not make sure it is a good one.
Reception areas can be used for many reasons other than the obvious meet and greet. Increasingly, companies are creating informal meeting areas and break out areas alongside the reception desk and this can allow a lively community area to be created. Continue reading First impressions – Introduction to Reception Desks