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Cable management for your office furniture

Most businesses, when budgeting for their new office furniture, don’t always allow an amount to cover any additional cable management requirements which they may have.
Most office desks will have some form of cable management, although on some of the budget office desks, the facilities will be somewhat limited.
So you should spend some time to work out exactly how your new office desks will be used, and what level of cable management you will require.  Different styles of desk need different forms of cable management so it is important to get it right before deciding on they style of desk you like.
Also you need to look at you current office wiring, as perimeter cabling and  floor boxes need different cable management systems.

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Office furniture cable management

This area of our business is the area which causes many  headaches.

Many customers specify top end desking systems and then fail to use the sophisticated cable management systems that they provide.
For instance sliding top desks are really useful if you need to get at your cabling on a regular basis, but no good if you have radial desks and desk height pedestals.

We have also seen sliding top bench desks specified and then fitted with central and intermediate desk top fabric screens. These units, when fitted, mean that the sliding top wont slide, which negates the point of buying them in the first place.

So we usually start a new project by looking at what the client actually needs with regard to cable management for most of the time.

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A Buyers Guide to call Centre Furniture

A significant consideration when buying call centre furniture is density, ie the number of people you can

Call Centre Furniture
Call Centre Furniture

comfortably fit in a particular space. The smallest practical workspace, considering the need for a computer and telephone is 80cm wide by 60-80cm deep.

There are three basic styles of call centre desks to consider:

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Acoustic Screens

Most modern office space is designed to be open plan – but since open plan offices became popular, there have been changes in working practices, communications and technology that make the traditional open plan model less ideal.

  • People now have less space to work in. A typical workstation in the seventies was 12 square feet. Today’s workstations are between six feet and eight square feet.
  • There’s more of an emphasis on teamwork, which means that people often work in informal groups with other workers, while colleagues nearby are trying to concentrate. Continue reading Acoustic Screens