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Leather meeting chairs – affordable style

Customers looking for a large table and chairs for their meeting room are  often surprised at the total cost of the office furniture, and this is nearly always to do with the number of meeting chairs required.

The single table, at around £2,000 seems a good deal, and £200 is a good price when you are looking at  a decent quality leather meeting chair, but when you need 12 of these, suddenly the cost of the chairs is more than the cost of the boardroom table.

Our solution is a well known range of meeting chairs called Passe-partout.  The range has been thoughtfully designed to offer a value for money solution to your seating requirement, from a straightforward  fabric covered  reception, visitor or meeting chair to a full leather cantilever armchair for your executive boardroom.

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Stacking chairs – Innovative designs from Elite

Folding or stacking chairs have been around in many shapes and forms for the last 50 years, ranging from the good old polypropylene chair seen in most schools and social centres, to some designs which used state of the art materials and construction methods

Stacking and folding chairs were designed to offer flexible and occasional seating for large numbers of people, for short periods of time. As soon as the event was over the folding or stacking chairs could be piled onto trolleys and stored away until the next time they were needed. The room or hall could then be used for other purposes.

The chairs were light, durable and cheap, but not too comfortable and function was always more important than form

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Meeting tables – a buyers guide

This guide is designed to help you work out roughly how much it is going to cost you to get the modular meeting table you want.  There are many different styles and prices out there, but hopefully we will be able to help you find what you are looking for.

First of all you need to work out how flexible you want your modular tables to be. You have to decide if the room is going to be used for many different purposes, such as meetings, interviews, training, and even reception parties, or whether it will always be used just for meetings and conferences

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Designing an effective meeting room

Bespoke Boardroom Furniture

As with all areas of the office a little thought and some careful planning will ensure that you create an effective meeting area. It is important to look at all requirements together rather than splitting furniture from decorations and audio visual as each impacts upon the other.

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