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Bench desks – even more popular

A while ago we mentioned that more and more customers are asking us about bench desking, and it seems the numbers of enquires just keep on climbing.

The way we work today has meant the  radial or wave style of  desks are becoming less popular, mainly because they are now unnecessarily large. They were deigned for use with large CRT monitors, which in the main are now obsolete. With a flat screen an 80cm deep desk is deep enough to place the screen in the optimal position.

So saving redundant  desk space , means that more desks can be fitted into the same space, or more area dedicated to other uses, such as file storage, meeting areas, or breakout areas.  Another advantage is that the bench desks are invariably cheaper than a similar wave or radial desk.

In addition, when the desks are laid out as a long line of desks ( which is effectively what bench desking is) the intermediate legs can usually be shared, which further reduces the overall price.

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Defi Office furniture now in stock

For 2010 the Defi range of Operator desks will be available from stock, which means delivery and installation will once again be about a week for this range.

This range has been available from us for a number of years  on a longer lead time, but due to the substantial demand – it is very well priced for a steel frame office desk – we have decided to make it available from stock again.

With six desk top finishes and two frame finishes to choose from, all available from stock at very competitive prices, we are sure that it will be a top seller for us and a good choice for you.

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Cheap desks with style

One of our best selling office furniture ranges is a Budget range called MT30, and its derivatives MT40 and 50. Not very catchy names but the prices will certainly catch you attention.

Unlike most budget furniture ranges, the MT range has been designed with style as well as function in mind. Instead of the standard welded box section leg frames, seen on most budget furniture ranges, the MT range offers stylish cable managed uprights with a moulded metal base supported on height adjustable feet.

The whole sub-frame is self supporting and does not rely on the desk top to add to the structures strength.

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Choose your desk carefully – Guide to buying office desks

The first decision to make is what shape you require. The 3 basic shapes offered by most manufacturers are rectangular, radial, or wave.

The rectangular desk needs little explanation, and to a large degree was replaced in popularity by the radial or crescent desk ( a rectangular desk with a tail or return on one side).

The radial desk was designed to allow much larger computer screens to be positioned on the desk top, whilst still achieving the minimum distance between the user and the screen itself.

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Read this before you spend any money on Office Furniture

The first question you need to ask is how much service do I need. If price is the most important criteria and you are happy to do your own research, put the furniture together and get rid of the packaging yourself then one of the many furniture stores or on line “box shifters” will be fine for you. You may have to collect your goods (and take them back if there is a problem) but you will certainly save money.

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Desk design – Evolvement over the last 10 years

Several years ago the office furniture market in the UK was quite straight forward and there were few options available for desks. Before computers became commonplace most workers used a rectangular desk with drawers and the secretaries added a return unit to house their typewriter. But as computers became the norm office furniture began to evolve to become the sophisticated products we have today.

The design of modern office furniture has been largely driven by the computer and in particular the size and type of screen used. As CRT monitors became larger office desk shapes had to change to enable operators to work straight on to the monitor. Crescent or L shape desks and wave desks were specifically designed to create depth across the curve or corner to create an ergonomic workstation. Since the introduction of flat panel monitors the shape of desks has gone full circle and we are now back to specifying rectangular desks more often.

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