Welcome to 2010

Suddenly the festivities are over and we are all getting back to work, often battling through extraordinary weather conditions and the disruptions to the transport system which it causes.

But things are getting better; the days are getting longer, and we do seem to be finally pulling out of this long recession.  Mortgages are back on the climb again and house prices seem to be stabilising.  There does still seem to be a long way to go with many companies, having survived the worst of the recession, finally finding out they have no cash flow to continue doing business, but in the main things seems to be improving.

A sure sign of this is that we have received new orders for additional office furniture from some of our customers who build houses for a business. If they are spending on desks and chairs again, then they must be talking on new staff, which is a good sign.

Also we have seen many large projects, which have been on hold for over a year, suddenly being given the green light. Large call centre projects have now started moving, which is a good sign of a general confidence in business and the economy.
We have even seen a rise in the number of office furniture orders from the public sector, which is also a good indicator for the economy, although many  might  just be spending last years budget, in readiness for a trimmed down allowance for the next financial year.

On balance though, we really do feel that things have started to improved considerably, and will steadily do so in the future.  We are looking forward to a busy and exciting 2010 as the economy and business slowly gets back to where it was in 2008, and we wish all of our current and prospective customers an exciting and prosperous 2010