Is it 2014 already?

We only just looked away for a few minutes and it seems that 2014 is already upon us.

All those plans we had, are still not much further ahead  than when we first thought of them.

And , as we all know, each year comes and goes at a faster speed than the previous one, meaning that we are less likely to get even what we got done last year, done this year.

So more than ever proper planning is essential to get the best out of your time. Simple plans with identifiable final goal and  staging posts. Technology  seems to make things change even faster so the only way to keep up is to keep things simpler and simpler.  Take Google and Seach Engine Optimisation for example.

It has taken much of last year just to work out what has been going on with the many  Google algorithm changes. Many businesses have suffered , and many search engine optimisation companies have called up offering another unique solution to our expected predicament.

Just trying to understand what the problem is, takes longer than working out what is the solution. We are not experts but it does seem that the wind has been taken out of a many SEO Companies’ sails (should that be sales), as what they used to offer to enhance a site, now no longer makes much difference.

In a way this is a definite advantage as the industry did seem to operate under a dark cloak of intrigue, and we would love to be involved in a business where we charged our customers a significant amount of money per month, whilst only having to show the benefit of our services, in nine to twelve months time, at which time if our customer was not happy, he could either stay with us or move on to a new service provider.

So maybe it is not so bad that Google has apparently  made SEOing more difficult. After all, it still seems that those businesses which regularly update their website, and add interesting information and articles, keep in contact with their customers through the social media sites, and generally run their website in a similar way as to how they run their businesses, seem to be doing quite well with regard to Search Engine Ranking.

This is something that Google has said  for many years, and maybe the SEO specialists have taken advantage of the fact that many businesses are looking for  an advantage over the standard, organically grown website.  In trying to over-engineer the egg, maybe they have ended up with nothing in the fridge !