Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL)

Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms

CH Workspace, a leading office furniture dealer,  is also a dealer for ABL products. What are Accessory Bits? They are manufacturers and wholesalers of workspace accessories. Their product range has been designed to meet the needs of office designers and integrators everywhere.
The high quality products they sell represent our many years of experience in the industry and allow for quick installation in existing and new offices alike, helping you maximise the efficiency, safety and ergonomics of your work environment.
They specialise in accessories for computers and cable management systems for workstations, a selection of their products is shown below. If you need any further details or have a problem that needs solving, please contact CH Workspace on 0800 731 3627 for more information.

Cable Management:
ABL’s products include an ingenious USB hub that fits into a standard cable outlet on a desktop, which

Desktop USB Hub
Desktop USB Hub

allows you to connect to all those external devices wihtout having to crawl around under the desk to find the back of the computer. They also have cable spines, trunking and wire basekets that can be used to properly manage the cables on virtually any desk.

CPU Holders:
Their wide range of CPU holders allows you to tidily fix your CPU on or under the desk, also making it readily available for maintance, cable management etc. Many of these CPU holders have optional security systems to ensure that your computer cannot be removed without your knowledge.

Laptop Stands and Security:
ABL supply a range of laptop stands and security systems that can be used protect your equipment in vulnerable areas, for example in schools or public libraries.

Flatscreen Monitor Arms
ABL have one of the widest range of monitor arms available on the UK market, covering everything from budget single-screen arms to monitor-arm trees with gas lifts for dealing rooms etc. All monitor arms come with standard VESA fixing and can be attached to the desktop with clamps, through-desk holes or on tool rails, and most of them allow cables to be hidden within the arms themselves.

Cable Systems

Powerdock Module
Powerdock Module

The newest additions to the ABL range are full cable management systems for desks and workstations. The unique range of power modules incorporates the popular Flexible Cabling System providing superior service, low prices and reduced installation times on site, plus unparalleled flexibility for the end user.
Manufactured to BS 5733 which when installed and tested correctly will enable the electrical requirements of BS 6396 to be met. The ABL range of electrical Power modules has a product for every need. They consist of power, data and telephone modules which can be fixed on the desk, under the desk, or can even be fitted to hideaways within the desk.