Acoustic Art

Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels

Sound absorbing wall panels are an excellent option, particularly when combined with absorptive ceiling systems and other acoustic  furniture systems.
They have a lower absorption rating than ceiling panels. Nevertheless, they provide an excellent way of reducing reverberation, particularly in areas where other options such as screens, dividers and wall art would be inappropriate.
Reducing the reverberation time is not the only bonus to using these panels. They may also prevent the formation of annoying flutter echoes which often occur between parallel reflective walls.
Again, we have chosen to partner with Ecophon in this area, allowing you to offer your clients the option of complementary wall and ceiling panel systems.
Creating balanced acoustic environments needn’t just be a matter of adding absorptive properties to necessary objects like office furniture, furnishings and ceiling tiles. Sometimes the solution to minimizing the reverberation of an office space is also an elegant one. That’s when acoustic wall art is specified from our iCast range.
These attractive panels not only offer you the ability to put a sound absorbent surface precisely where it is needed, they also allow you to add beauty to any space, as they feature a choice of over 1000 beautiful images. Where your client has their own ideas about imagery however, any design, picture or corporate colour can be digitally printed onto Camira fabric that encases the acoustic foam inner core.
Windows, like all hard surfaces, reflect sound. So while they are often overlooked as causes of high reverberation in office environments, the more glass that features in an office, the greater the problem will be.
That’s why we partner with both Ferrari and Global Blinds to create a complete solution for all glazed
areas. Ferrari create low emission blind fabric which acts as an effective sound absorbing material and so reduces internal noise levels.
When specified together with Global’s high performance blind systems, Ferrari’s SK20 blind fabric creates an acoustic solution which is as aesthetically pleasing as it is acoustically effective.
Dividers are no longer just barriers between workers. Thanks to our partners at Abstracta, room dividers are an artistic experience in their own right.

Artistic Room Dividers
Artistic Room Dividers

Featuring a wide range of shapes and finishes, room dividers have never looked so good. Choose from a range of hexagonal patterns created by some of Sweden’s most respected designers.
And the beauty is far from being skin deep. Not only are the materials sound absorbent, the hanging structure and configuration of the shapes provides sound absorption through mechanical means, adding to the reverberation control that belies the apparent openness and artistic merits of the product.
This modular system is made from moulded fibre felt and comes in a variety of designs and colours, which can be freely combined to create the divider.
Available in five colours and four patterns, it can be fitted to aluminium rails for mounting on walls or ceilings, or fixed to the wall directly for decorative sound absorption, complementing your existing office furniture.