Arive tambour units now in stock

CHW are pleased to announce a new range of tambour storage cupboards which are now available from stock for delivery within a matter of days.
This new range is in addition to our existing ranges of XPERT and XFILE Tambour units, and offers a you a good range of storage units at entry  level prices

The sizing of the units follows the format of our other ranges, with 3 width choices or 80, 100 and 120 cm. 

The heights of these tambours range from desk height to 2 metres high, with an option of overhead archive storage as well

The tambour cupboard shell finishes which are available from stock are silver, beige, graphite or black, with matching tambour doors, or if you prefer, a wood finish tambour door in cherry, beech, maple, or oak.

These units start at around £280 including delivery and installation, which represents extremely good value for money.

The specifications on these Arive tambour units belie their budget pricing. 

All storage units are fitted with adjustable floor levellers, and these can be operated from inside the cupboard with an Alan key ( supplied)

Each tambour cupboard is supplied with the requisite number of shelves, and each shelf also has the added advantage of being constructed to allow lateral files to be hung from the underside without requiring any additional components.
The inside top edges of the tambour cupboard can also accept lateral filing. 

All of the tambour units are lockable and  all locks have interchangeable barrels for additional security and to allow “suiting” of locks if required.

The standard depth of 43 cm for most of the tambour units allows more than adequate storage space for either suspended files, ring binders or storage boxes, whilst not taking up to much of your workspace. Recent studies have found that 60cm deep storage units are only more effective at file storage in about 8% of cases studied, and for those cases we can supply deeper storage units if needed for specific storage requirements

With regard to specific storage requirements these tambour units can also take our standard range or storage accessories, which include pull out suspension files and reference shelves, pigeon hole units, CD, disk and card storage shelves, and vertical dividers. 

 We even offer a wardrobe kit to covert your tall storage tambour into a cloakroom