Astro Arche Bench desk range

CH Workspace are pleased to be able to offer yet another cost effective bench desk range, which is available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.
Although this range is primarily designed as a bench desk system, where intermediate legs are used to support two desk tops, and are set back underneath the desk, standard rectangular and radial desks are also available from stock.

The desk tops are available in beech, cherry, maple, wenge, white and light grey and there is a choice of aluminium, graphite grey or white for the framework. This range is one of our best selling contract bench desk ranges and consequently the pricing is very competitive.

This range has been deliberately left simple- no sliding tops, or lift up cable flaps which are included in some of our more expensive ranges, but then this is reflected in the very keen pricing of this range.

We have found that there is quite a demand for a simple, well priced bench desk system, which is available quickly, in a variety of finishes.

The fact that this range is also complemented by radial and large rectangular desks, which can be used by call station managers, or office executives, is an added bonus. In addition, matching desk height and mobile pedestals, storage cupboards and meeting tables are also available from stock.

We also have a comprehensive range of desk top screens, ranging from fabric upholstered one to matching MFC or acrylic panel

Each bench desk module comprises two separate desk tops, supported by one welded steel frame. The frame is slightly deeper than the two desktops together, leaving a gap of 25 mm in between the two panels.

This allows desk top screens to be fitted or cables to be routed up onto the desk, although each desk top is also fitted with two cable ports as standard.

Various forms of cable management can be fitted to these desks, consisting of different types of wire, plastic, or sheet metal channels which are fixed to the desk tops, underneath the gap between the two tops.

Simple, cheap and very effective, and available very quickly.
Please get in touch or visit our website for more information on Astro Arche bench desk range.