Bench desks on a budget

Buying furniture for your new telesales, call centre, or marketing department can be a costly business, as many of the products on the market are over-engineered or not suited to modern requirements.
But a new product has appeared on the market which could make your life a little simpler and cost you less than you had anticipated.

The product is a bench desk range called MT60 and is a derivative of the very popular and well priced budget range of MT office furniture which is available from stock for immediate delivery.

The idea is very simple. You start with a starter desk, which is a free standing double desk combination, and then just add the number of additional double desk units you require.

The intermediate unit shares one of its neighbours leg- frames to produce an attractive and functional workgroup.  All intermediate legs are set inboard from the user side of the desk, to increase leg room and versatility.

A simple set up of 8 desks can cost as little as £120 per workstation which represents extremely good value for money.

The desk frames themselves are available in a graphite grey or silver finish and the desk tops are available in a choice of cherry, maple or beech from stock.  Other colours are available on a longer lead time.

The worktops are available in 120, 140, 160 or 180cm widths which should suit most office layouts and work areas

Although the price may be basic the range certainly is not.

Strong steel tube legs support an equally robust under-frame, onto which can be fitted central cable management trays, CPU cradles, desk divider screens and tool rails, although the basic frame does offer horizontal cable management as standard.
There is even a height adjustment option which allows the whole group of desks to be set and any height between 62 and 82cm and the base of each leg has a floor level adjuster to take care of uneven floors or thick carpets.

Matching filing and drawer units are also available, as are standard shaped desks for the managers on executives in the same office area.

Even freestanding meeting tables or extension units are available in the same finish, together with a range of well priced storage cupboards and tambour units.

We have seen many new versions of bench desking appear on the market in the last 5 years, all of which offer various degrees of functionality, but in our opinion for value for money you would have to try very hard to beat the MT60 range.

An additional advantage is that the whole range is available from stock for immediate delivery, and all prices include delivery and installation by our trained team of fitters. We can also CAD plan your office space with this range for you, for free.

When you consider the factors – quality product, cheap price, fast delivery, and installation included in the price, is there really any need to be looking anywhere else for you bench desking system?

Please contact our sales team for more information or if you would like to take us up on our free Cad planning offer or go to our MTSHOP to see what is on offer

What have you got to lose?