Budget desks at budget prices

These days most business are feeling the pinch, having been affected in some way by the current worldwide recession. But although there is pressure to spend less money, there is even more pressure to ensure that you get good value for money.

In this respect you have to be very careful with your office furniture purchase, making sure that it is really suited for your purpose, and that it is well built and will last for the length of time you anticipate it to.

This is where a dealer will be able to help you choose the right product or range at the right price. It makes more sense in the current climate to lease your  furniture, than to buy it outright. That way you are able to keep hold of your cash, and there are some significant tax advantages to leasing your capital equipment rather than buying it.

But having said all of that, there are times when all you need is a couple of cheap desks which will do the job for now, and you want them quickly.

This is where the ML20 range comes in

Traditional full panel or I Frame legs supporting 25mm tops in cherry, beech or a maple finish, in the standard rectangular, wave or radial shapes, all available from stock for delivery in most cases within 5 days, with starting prices as low as £120 ex VAT and this includes delivery and installation.

The rectangular desks are available in 80cm widths up to 180 cm in 20 cm intervals, and the wave desks are available as a 140 or 160cm  left or right hand wave  desk, or a 160 cm double wave desk. The larger radial desks are available as either a 160 or 180 cm by 120 cm desk.

Desk height pedestals and mobile under desk drawer units are also available, with prices starting at around £125, and you have a choice of a wood finish or steel unit finished in either graphite or silver.
A range of storage cupboards help complete the picture, with units available with or without doors, and at desk height, 120 cm or 185 cm high. Plenty of storage options at remarkably low prices.

Although ML20 is primarily intended as a stop gap office furniture range, it does try to provide everything you may need for a start up company or a new venture. For instance simple top boxes can be fitted to the standard desks to turn a simple layout into a reception area.

There is even a range of meeting ends, and circular or barrel shaped tables to match the desking range, and as usual, everything is available from stock for very quick delivery.

As you would expect, there is also a good range of budget office chairs and meeting chairs to go with this range, both in terms of quality and price, and these are also available from stock.

So you don’t have to drive to a warehouse to pick up a bargain. You will find that most furniture dealers will be equally competitive and will even be able to assemble the furniture for you.