New ideas from CHW for 2010

We are pleased to announce that our new 2010 brochure is now out and as well as offering new additions to many of our long standing furniture ranges, also has some very interesting and exciting products. So we have listed a few here, just to whet you appetite.

First of all, and finally after many requests from our customers, we have produced a desk side full height storage unit called a Tower pedestal. 

This gives employees much more storage space for private and business items, and doubles as a screen between the next desk in an open plan office.

Although primarily designed for use with our 4most bench system, these units are available in a steel or wood finish and can be adapted to work with most ranges of office furniture.

Another development in the close to hand storage department is the extra wide desk height pedestal. 

Fitted with decorative tops to match all of our desking ranges, these units nearly double the amount of desk storage available without unduly affecting the overall footprint or compromising available space. 

The extra wide filing drawer is very useful as a secure and close to hand storage space for your important and personal files.

2nd level storage is good way of  clearing some of the clutter on your desk and with this in mind we have extended our range of clip on accessories to use with these rails.

From file holders to flat screen monitors; they can all be hung from your solid steel rail, giving you back valuable desk space. 

We can also incorporate these rails into fabric covered screens to give each workspace a little more privacy.


Another neat little idea is a wood finish CPU storage unit . These can be placed anywhere under the desk or close by to protect your CPU and add valuable additional storage space.


Many desks fall down with regard to under desk cable management systems so we have added a few products which may help you. Cable holders, wire baskets, cable clips, power centres and retractable pole are all available from stock to help you tidy up the wiring under your desk.


We have also improved the range of accessories for our tambour storage units, including 16 compartment pigeon hole units and vertical clip on dividers, to stop all of your binders falling over when you pull one out.
Another very useful addition is a separate lockable storage bin  which fits on a shelf within the tambour storage unit itself.

Ideal for those little items which you don’t want to go missing such as small stationery items and back up storage tapes or discs.

The locable tambour can be left open during the day for general access, whist the items in the top unit remain safe and secure behind the lockable steel door.
This year many ranges are available in a white finish as this seems to be very popular with architects, designers adn specifiers. So we have added this finish to some of our modular storage units and most of our tambour cupboards. 

These are perfect compliments to our new range of furniture, aptly called “Pure”.

The executive ranges also now have more glass finishes than before with smoked grey and brilliant black being added to the Exclusive and Noveo ranges.

There are too many new and innovative products in the seating, workspace and accessory areas to list them all here but find out yourself by asking for one of our free catalogues, or download the PDF’s from our main website