Reception seating – bench units

Bench seating has become very popular in the last few years, with most seating manufacturers now offering this style of seating within their range.

This form of reception seating is becoming more popular as they are very stylish, with clean uncluttered lines, and suit today’s modern environment.

The chairs always remain in position and more seats can be fitted in any given area  than traditional stand alone seating.  It is also easier to keep the floor areas clean as there are fewer obstructions to contend with.
Although a vision of hard metal bench seats in European Airport and train stations probably appear each time the phrase “bench seating” is mentioned, please don’t be put off. Fully upholstered designer chairs can also be fixed to the bench frame, although it is more usual to see the curved wooden or metal seats.

The metal or wood chairs fixed to a the beam frame are the most common as there is a large market for durable, easy clean, seating which cannot be easily moved around by the users. Quite often these benches are actually fixed to the floor so that the layout cannot change.

In Public areas this is a major advantage as it keeps fires exit corridors free, and the un-upholstered seats present no fire risk.  There have been cases where a fire alarm has caused panic amongst seated public, who have rushed to the fire exist, pushing aside the stand alone chairs where they were sitting, which eventually caused an obstruction, making it more difficult for others to leave the building.

This is probably not a major concern for the smaller private reception area, where only a handful of visitors may be present at any one time, but even in these areas bench seating can create a striking and modern impression in your reception area

Bench seating is also especially suited to smaller receptions or offices where some visitor seating is required outside offices, or even in corridors. Their smaller overall dimensions and single frame mean that they take up less space and are not easily moved out of position.

If required, one of the seats can be substituted for a flat table top, providing  a stable and useful area for magazines or drinks, all within the confines of the bench unit.

The overall price of a bench seating system compares favourably with more traditional stand alone units because of the simplicity of design and the fact that the framework is shared over the number of seats.

In addition the upholstered units require less fabric and work, which further reduces the overall price.

So whilst bench seating may not suit every office reception area, the modern designs and styles which are available nowadays can create a stylish but practical environment, which is easy to look after and which will not cost you as much as you think.

If you would like any help with planning your reception or other office areas, using bench seating units, then please call our Cad design team who we will happy to produce for you 3D renditions of your workspace to show what can be done using this versatile form of reception seating