Stylish bench desks from stock

CH Workspace are pleased to announce that we have another exciting range of bench desks which are

available from stock for delivery within a few days

The 4Work range has been with us in for a few years now, in the form of a range called 4Most, but now the range has been extended to provide some interesting options.

To begin with the  4Work  range  is available with either aluminium or jet black finish legs, with either a beech, oak, or white top. The legs have been designed for form as well as function, which is refreshing to see on an office furniture range.  Normally the legs are a fairly basic affair, and just designed to keep the desks from collapsing.

This time, the designers have gone to great length to make the leg detail an intricate part of the overall design, and in our opinion it works well.

The desk shapes and sizes do follow the standard format of rectangular, wave and radial tops, although there are also some 120 degree desks which make up very useful clusters of three desks.

But the main strength of this range is when the desks are laid out in the typical bench desk format. The designer leg frames have a large plate welded to the top, which then bolts to the underside of a single desk, or can be moved to a different set of fixing holes to bridge the gap between two desks.

The end result is a striking appearance and significant cost saving.  And if you need to break up the bench desk configuration at a later date, then all you need is to purchase some addition desk legs and the bench desk layout can then be broken down into individual desks.

Within the range there are also 60 cm wide return desks, which fit very nicely onto one of the rectangular main desks.

The range is further complimented by meeting ends and separate meeting tables, in the same finishes, as well under desk and desk height pedestal units.

The leg frames have also been designed so that the desks can either be butted together to form a bench desk layout with central fabric or acrylic screens, or they can be moved apart slightly and then fixed in position to allow dividing screens to be fitted at right angles to the centrally fixed desk top screens.

Very clever stuff, and it resolves one of the problems inherent with many bench desk systems, where the smaller divider screens cannot easily be fitted to the desks, as they cannot be fixed between the desktops which are butted together along their shortest edges.

The 4Work range is a truly versatile and stylish  upgrade on our standard ranges and we strongly believe that it will be very successful with our existing and new customers