Vegas telescopic desks

An unusual feature of the Vegas range of office furniture is that the central support beam is telecopic and adjusts to fit all standard sizes of desk top.

This has great advantages for a manufacturer and stock holder, in that only one type of frame needs to be stocked for the whole desking range. This makes is cheaper for them and they can pass this saving on to the customers.

This is reflected in the price of this range, with basic rectangular desks costing as little as £180, and this is for a fully welded steel framed desk with 25mm tops.

All of the desks in this range have a telescopic beam, which, once fixed at the desired length, then doubles up as the horizontal wire management tray.

The leg frames also have removable covers which allow the cables to be completely hidden away inside, from  the point they enter into the bottom of the leg-frame, to when they reappear on the desk-top.

The main leg section is constructed from folded and welded steel panels, and is  bolted to a stylish arched foot complete with floor level adjusters.

The desk tops are 25mm thick with 2mm protective edging, and this rests on two sturdy cantilevered steel brackets

Another unique feature of this desking range, is that the standard desk frame can be extended to support two desk tops, allowing the same framework to be used as the base for large meeting or training tables, or even a bench desking system.

Once again, one less leg frames means savings for the end user.

The telescopic central beam also has additional advantages when changes have to be made to your office space. If you need a bigger or smaller desk, you just need to specify the size you require, knowing that the frame you already have can be easily adjusted to fit.

Combine this with the fact that the leg frames can also be specified as height adjustable for a very small additional cost, and you really have got a desking system which is virtually future-proof.

All standard desk tops and cantilever support brackets are double drilled, so that the desks can be made into stand alone units or linked together, with shared legs, to produce efficient groups of desks.

The range of finishes are identical to all of our stocked ranges of office furniture. A choice of aluminium or graphite for the steel frames, and either light grey, beech, cherry, or pear finish for the desk tops.

Apart from the main desks, which are available in rectangular, wave, radial , and even large symmetrical radial shapes, there is also a wide choice of matching storage units available, including steel and wood finish desk height and mobile pedestals, tambour units and 2 door cupboards.

Individual meeting tables or meeting extensions are also available as are modesty panels, CPU holders , desk shelves and office screens, and all of the other complimentary items which you would expect from a versatile range such as Vegas

Vegas offers a wide range of products, amazing versatility, and real value for money.
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