Virtual office furniture

If you are looking to change the layout of your existing office or are moving to a new location then having someone to help with your office furniture layout is valuable help indeed.

Most office  furniture dealers will be able to help you with at the very least some basic two dimensional drawings which will give you an idea of what can be fitted into your office space, but if you are not used to working with flat line drawings then it is sometime very difficult to visualise what your new workspace is going to look like.

The more professional office furniture dealers will be able to help you even further by producing three dimension renditions of your office space, and, using similar finishes in the rendition for your walls ceiling, doors and windows, will be able to produce 3d renditions which are so lifelike that you will think the office  furniture, along with your office, has been mocked up in a photographic showroom.

Even the lighting can be specially programmed to take account of natural light which would come in through the windows, and artificial light which exactly replicates the lighting patterns of the ones in your office.

These virtual reality renditions will really help you understand how you office will look; the effect that tall tambour cupboard will have on the light in the office, and what the ideal desk finish would be. 

Most of the finish parameters can be easily changed so you can quickly see how the office would look with darker or lighter office  furniture.  You could even have the wall and carpet colours changed to see how they would look before making your final decision.

You can also see what effect changing the fabric of your desktop screens and operator chairs, would have on the overall impact of your office
In fact most of the Cad Design systems nowadays are so sophisticated that a JPG  photo of your wall, carpet, or favourite colour can simply be loaded into the system and applied to any surface.

We could even scan colour cards and pick each one in turn, instantly making the whole room decorated in your chosen colour. 

Thanks to technology, this level of planning assistance is no longer the domain of an expensive in house Cad design  team using very sophisticated CAD software, but  your local office  furniture dealer can probably do this for you on his laptop!