White bench desks available from stock

The demand for white office furniture seems to be increasing as each year goes by, presumably as a result of many architects specifying white furniture and fittings for the domestic market.

Consequently many UK manufacturers have been quick to add a white finish to their office furniture ranges.

And one of the most popular styles of desk at the moment is the bench desk.

This is because they are very efficient at optimising the number of employees, in a given area, and are more space efficient than the circular pods of worktops which used to be called call centre desks.

Their shape means that they are easy to make, and therefore relatively cheap.  They are usually available in a range of sizes from 120 cm wide up to 180cm wide.

The depth of these desks almost always used to be 80cm, but with the advent of flat monitors and cheap monitor arms, 60cm deep bench desks are now available.

This is great news for office designers as the format of these desks is very simple and easy to plan.  And if you need to add another couple of desks to an existing bank, all you need is a double top and an extra leg frame.

In most cases the cheaper bench desking systems have quite simple cable management facilities, but the advantage here is that you can then add what you need, when you need it, rather than having it all and then not ever using it.

Our best selling range, which is called Astro Arche, is available in literally a matter of a few days from stock, which means that we can deliver and install in any mainland office within a week to 10 days.

Also the Astro Arche range is one of our cheapest ranges we stock, with prices per desk working out as low as £75 per desk, and this includes the cost of delivery and installation.

The added advantage of a relatively simple bench desking range like Astro Arche, is that you can add the extras you want or need, rather than pay for the add-on which in reality you will never use.

For example, desk top screens.  You can either opt for a cheap acrylic one which adds to the style but doesn’t do a lot for the office acoustics, or you can opt for a simple fabric screen which will add a bit of colour and some soft surfaces, which should improve the office environment a little.

And if you really have a noise problem you could consider some specially designed acoustic screens to further improve the sound quality in your office.

So each time, you are buying exactly what you need and not what the manufacturer has decided what you need.

The means that ultimately you get the maximum performance for your requirements for the minimum cost.

This surely is the best deal for you.