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Lamb Macintosh

Lamb Macintosh was established in 1985, and has since been developing a reputation as a successful independent retailer specialising in office furniture. Combining their showroom, factory and design area within one building, Lamb Macintosh offer facilities that are able to meet the demands of the current market, and their showroom is always open to existing and potential clientele. Their business is dedicated to the continual progression of stylish and practical design within commercial and public workplaces, working to create innovative pieces of designer office furniture that are vibrant and original. Lamb Macintosh believe that working environments can be enjoyable and inspirational places in which to reside, and are committed to providing the right pieces of furnishing in order to achieve this desired effect. Widely known as a firm of top designers and manufacturers, Lamb Macintosh works closely with all of their clients, taking note of individual needs and expectations and talking through possible design ideas with clients in order to be able to provide them with Inspired-To-Work products. By creating office desks and other such furniture to suit the expanding diverse requirements often found within commerce, Lamb Macintosh have been able to establish themselves as a pioneering company specialising in exemplary examples of creative yet practical office design for all areas. Lamb Macintosh is renowned for, amongst other things, their stunning collection of innovative and functional Reception Desk systems, created to create an original feature within a reception area. Each reception unit is available in a range of different finishes and shapes, from linear to curved, and titanium right on through to dark walnut veneer. There is a combination to suit any office space, with a whole host of accessories also available. The contemporary website and more traditional range of brochures allow you to browse the distinctive styles at your leisure, and make it easy to select the appropriate office furniture for your individual office space. Another important aspect of any reception area is the choice of soft seating. Your clients are important to you, and a well thought out and furnished waiting or reception area can make your clients feel welcome and comfortable whilst in your hospitality. The Totem collection from Lamb Macintosh encompasses all things versatile within its range, from swing wing tables through to executive and occasional tables suitable for any situation. The swing wing desks come fully equipped with a return storage unit, and can be grouped together effectively to create a highly versatile workstation that is ideal for an open plan office space. Available in either a curved or a rectangular format, the Totem collection has focused on producing an original work desk option that will transform or compliment every office interior simply and effectively. Each individual unit can be finished in a selection of wood effects, or in a titanium glaze, each one creating a completely different effect, and the wing desks can also be rotated to alter the angle of the additional unit and vary the footprint shape. Lamb Macintosh also offers a stunning selection of sophisticated conference tables’ ideal for large business meetings and other group activities within the workplace. Available in a wide selection of sizes, shapes and finishes, the versatility of these conference tables makes them a suitably popular choice of multi-purpose desking. Abacus is a groundbreaking new collection of flexible and innovative desking units, including matching storage facilities, various accessories and a stunning range of premier workstations for a start. With screens in either a fabric, glass or polycarbonate material, and desks in a whole host of different colours from titanium and ice green through to natural wood colours such as beech and cherry, the diverse range is complimented by the sheer eccentricity of the Abacus style.