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Meeting, Conference and task chairs

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Meeting, conference and task chairs can often be dull and generic, leaving no room for style and individuality. Sky creations have put an end to this accepted preconception, and have developed a selection of creative, colourful and controversial chairs that will inject a vibrant quality into any meeting or boardroom, inspiring and energising the people within its vicinity.

Neptune is a large and classic seating option, its design based loosely upon the traditional style of an armchair. With broad and chunky armrests intertwined within the structure of the Sky conference chair, and a curved backrest upholstered in foam padding and fabric, the Neptune conference chair is representative of a generic design that can be both versatile and inspiring.

ProBax is a revolutionary new seating technology, and Sky creations are the first furniture company in the UK to utilise and implement this posture control technology within their pioneering seating collection. The system works to reduce muscle fatigue in the back muscles, and increases the bodies blood flow to produce a dramatic improvement in comfort and, as a result, productivity within the workplace.

Stellar is an attractive stacking chair design that is available in endless material, fabric and wood finishes, depending solely on personal preference and intended use of the products. Offering a square or round frame in an aluminium or black finish, in conjunction with a curved seat with coloured laminate, upholstered fabric or polished wood finishes.

Mars boasts a stunning collection of conference and task chairs suitable for use within any corporate environment. Sporting the ProBax technology, Mars has incorporated it seamlessly into a stylish and vibrant chair design to provide optimum comfort and productivity within the workplace, and is suitable for use within virtually any office environment.

Mercury is simple in its design, its clean and contemporary metallic structure complimented by the range of materials used to create the seat and backrest. Using laminate, veneer and fabrics to great effect, Mercury offer sophisticated and comfortable solution to office seating without having to compromise on any aspect of ergonomics.

Libra ‘flip it’ chairs have incorporated a fast folding action within the structure of their Conference seating designed for quick and economical storage purposes, complete with a storage rack, the innovative collection of flip it chairs can fold to fit 40 within a cubic meter. In a range of different colours, this chair has won awards for its highly effective structure and resolute understanding concerning the importance of space within an office.

Saturn is a popular classic from Sky creations, making use of a simplistic design within a multi-purpose chair to create a retro piece of office furniture. The technicolour padded seating and backrests work well with the curved light wood frames, producing a stunning overall appearance that is both durable and versatile in design.

Virgo is a smart, slender design of conference and task chair, suitable for use within any potential office situation. Its contemporary wood frame compliments the seat and backrest designs, both created using foam padded upholstery for comfort, in a wide selection of vibrant colours designed to create an inspirational and welcoming area within any corporate environment.

Orion consists of a down to earth, simplistic design, combining durability and classic design as one for a stunning result. Similar in style to the Virgo chair, Orion boasts a fuller backrest for optimum comfort, framed by wooden arm rests that create a unified appearance and comfortable seating unit. The structure is complimented by a fabric seat and backrest available in a range of innovative colours.

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