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Sky creations have developed a whole collection of diverse soft seating options, focusing on originality of design, and a bold use of fabrics. The stunning chairs from this range of soft seating will not dissappoint in terms of vibrant and pioneering design styles. 

Buzz contains a chunky styled range of soft seating from Sky creations that incorporates both sofa and armchair designs, both of which are specifically designed for complimentary use. The contemporary shapes and use of vibrant fabrics creates a comfortable ambiance suitable for any waiting room or reception area; however the fabrics can be toned down in order to create a more traditional style.

Lyra is distinctive through its bold metallic frame and patterned fabrics. The square structure and cushioned upholstery compliment the modern frame, offering a practical and comfortable yet stylish solution to reception or meeting office seating. The fabric finishes can be mixed and matched within the backrest and seat to create an individual design suited to your company.

Pluto has maintained a traditional style of seating that is typical of an older generation of seating, enhancing the classic design with bold coloured fabrics, optional writing tablet attachments and two and three seater units for choice. The sturdy structure has been developed to offer optimum comfort and durability within a singular seating unit from Sky creations.

Lunar is a slick and sophisticated range of soft seating produced by Sky creations, favouring a simplistic colour scheme and structure, enhancing the shape of the chairs and sofas and allowing the quality of the product speak for itself. A striking animal print fabric is also available in this range, made using faux cow hide material for an authentic look that creates a stunning contrast from the rigidity of the structure for a completely different style.

Pisces has developed a selection of classically elegant chairs and sofas made available in a whole host of different finishes, including polished aluminium or rich wood edging detail, and leather upholstery in a range of colours to name but a few. A coffee table has also been included within this range to compliment the seating.

Eclipse is a modern adaptation of the wraparound tub styled chair, making use of geometric surface and leg details in order to produce an unobtrusively innovative selection of compact chairs ideal for furnishing such environments as receptions and waiting areas, and can even be effectively used within a café situation.

Aurora is arguably the most unique range of soft seating on offer within the Sky creations collection, including an artistic selection of fabrics with which to cover the compact and “squash” structure of the Aurora chairs with. The seat, back and sides can all be upholstered in different designs, using any combination and any fabric pattern available, allowing your imagination and preference of design to dictate the final appearance of the finished product.

Apollo is a new addition to the Sky creations collection, incorporating a delicate frame that supports an angular seat and conjoint back and arm rest, both padded and upholstered in a variety of different colours. The extreme comfort of the Apollo chair is suitable for use anywhere in the office, and is an attractive addition that looks good from any angle, and can be incorporated effortlessly into any environment.

Mekon is an innovative design of soft seating based loosely on a traditional armchair shape, making use of vibrant fabrics and diverse structures in order to create an original and contemporary new type of furniture. The different patterns and colours of the upholstery can be mixed and matched to personalise the soft seating, allowing you to make your own design statement.

Nova provides a new style of comfort based on a well known tub styled chair. The durable structure is further enhanced by foam padded upholstery in varying shades designed to make the Nova seat suitable for any possible office situation that may arise.

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