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Height Adjustability

The issue of height adjustability is becoming more and more important, as legislation here in the UK and in Europe encourages companies to provide some height adjustable workstations in each of their offices.

There are three basic forms of height-adjustable desks:

Fit and forget

Height Adjustability - Fit and forget

These are usually set to the correct height on installation and are normally adjustable between 62 cm to 82 cm at 2cm intervals. Tools are normally required to carry out this adjustment.

Crank handle

Height Adjustability - Crank handle

These mechanisms are easier to use than the ˜fit and forget" systems, and are suitable for occasional changes in height.

Electrically operated

Height Adjustability - Electrically operated

Electrically operated height adjustment is used where rapid and frequent changes to the height are required.

In addition to supplying new height adjustable furniture and upgrading many of our standard ranges to the adjustable height option, we can also probably upgrade your existing desk tops to include height adjustability, using our universal kit.