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Workstation Shapes

The three most common desk shapes are:


Desk shape rectangular

The most common of all desk shapes. A good general purpose desk but not very suitable for long periods of computer use, as the 80cm depth is not ideal if using CRT monitors. These desks can be used very effectively with LCD screens.

Available in depths of 60 and 80cm, and widths of 80,120,140,160 and 180cm.


Desk shape radial

A rectangular desk with a left or right hand extension can be used on its own or with a desk height pedestal. This shape (also known as a crescent desk) was designed for long periods of computer use.

Standard dimensions are 160 or 170cm wide by 80cmdeep, with an overall extension depth of 120cm. Other widths are available.


Desk shape wave

A rectangular desk with a slight extension at both ends to give the required depth of desk for computer use. Usually 160cm wide with a depth of 80 and an extension depth of 100cm, but other widths are available.

The desks shown above represent the 3 main desk shapes. There are however, many variations of these basic shapes available.

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