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Office Desks Height Adjustability

Up until about 10 years ago most desk top heights were fixed at around 72cm from the ground. There were some manufacturers who offered height and tilt adjustable desks, but these were mainly for specialist requirements such as designers and draftsmen. Nowadays however most ranges of desks, apart from some of the very basic forms of budget desks, offer various methods of adjusting the height of the desk. Read full article

Office Furniture – How Much Should I Spend

This question is very difficult to answer as it depends on so many factors. The range of pricing in the office desking market varies from less than £100 for a rectangular 18mm thick melamine desktop supported on the most basic of square steel tube frames to over £4,000 for a hand built wood veneer desk built in the traditional way by experienced craftsmen. Read full article

Desk Shapes – An Extensive Range at Your Disposal

Although there are many shapes and style of desk, most can be categorised into 3 basic shapes; rectangular, radial or wave.

The rectangular desk has been with us for a very long time, going back to the times of leather inlaid wood veneer tops with fixed drawer units either side. Over the years whilst the top has remained similar in shape the materials have changed and the leg frames have become simpler and lighter in line with changing market preferences. The drawer units are now more commonly freestanding on castors and are known as mobile pedestals. These units can be placed wherever preferred and provide additional desk top space when pulled out from underneath the desk. Read full article

Office Furniture Desk Construction

Most general purpose office furniture is made from a man made product called melamine faced chipboard or MFC. This comprises a substrate, usually chipboard, but sometime medium density fibreboard, over which, on both sides is pressed a decorative paper finish impregnated with melamine resin. Read full article

Office Storage Options – Lateral and Suspension Filing

Working out how to store the stuff in your office is very difficult. You have stationery, box files, hanging files, magazines, electronic items brochures and reference catalogues, and you want to hide them all away and keep your office tidy. The first and most difficult area is your hanging files. To avoid any confusion there are two type of hanging file, lateral and suspension. Read full article

Space Planning – Prerequisite For Your New Office

Effective space planning is a key element to getting the most out of office space and creating both a functional and pleasant environment. When undertaking any project, whether it be a move to new premises, the refurbishment of an existing building or the replacement of furniture the planning of the space should be the first stage and be dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Read full article