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Desk Shapes An Extensive Range at Your Disposal

Although there are many shapes and style of desk, most can be categorised into 3 basic shapes; rectangular, radial or wave.

The rectangular desk has been with us for a very long time, going back to the times of leather inlaid wood veneer tops with fixed drawer units either side. Over the years whilst the top has remained similar in shape the materials have changed and the leg frames have become simpler and lighter in line with changing market preferences. The drawer units are now more commonly freestanding on castors and are known as mobile pedestals. These units can be placed wherever preferred and provide additional desk top space when pulled out from underneath the desk.

The advent of computers and the large CRT screens that went with them, required a deeper desk top space than the standard rectangular desk (usually 80cm or so) could offer so a desk with a built in return section was produced. This is the radial shape and consists of a standard rectangular desk made with a return section on either of the sides. This gave the user of the desk and comfortable curved area to work at, and a depth from the centre of the curved are to the corner of the desk of between 100 and 115 cm. This was ideal for use with big and deep computer screens as the use could get the screen far enough away from their eyes to achieve a comfortable computing environment and later to meet Health and Safety Directives. In addition the end section of the return was designed to meet with a desk height pedestal, giving the user increased drawer space and a larger desk space, without significantly increasing the required footprint of the whole workstation and seating space.

As the large CRT monitors have given way to slim LCD screens, another shape has evolved which is the wave desk. This is a halfway house between the rectangular desk, which has been with us for 100’s of years and the radial desk, which was designed for a particular purpose. The wave desk is a rectangular desk which has been extended from 80 cm to 100 cm on side to allow the user to have a curved section, which helps support the arms when using a keyboard. The user sits at the curve facing the corner of the desk, which allows an increased distance over a standard rectangular desk whilst keeping the overall footprint as small as possible. A mobile pedestal is usually used with this shape of desk, and various widths are available to suit the width of the desk. Wave desks are ideally suited to open plan call centres and service units where a decent size desk is required, but a large number of desks have to fit into a given area

Within each of these major categories are many variations on the theme, with less deep desks being made for specific purposes. Each category of desk is also available in various widths from 60cm up to 180cm, usually in 20cm increments. For multiple screen applications such as office concierge and surveillance, some of the radial desks are 180 cm wide with a 180 cm return. Most of the desks are available in a range of standard sizes, from stock, in a variety of colours and finishes, but virtually any size can be made to suit individual customer preference and use. In addition, to suit the most recent Health and Safety Legislation, nearly all of the different shapes and sizes of office desks can be made to be variable in height, whether by fixed at installation method, manual crank handle or the most sophisticated electrically height adjustable version

All of the desks, regardless of the shape can be cable managed and can be supplied with variety of privacy screens, tool bars and modesty panels to suit the individual requirement.