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Ergonomics looks at the ‘fit’ between people and their work, with the aim being to ensure that the environment and equipment used is properly suited to each worker.

When choosing office furniture there are several issues that should be considered.

Most office workers today will use either a PC or laptop.

1. Screen position

The screen should be positioned in front of the user and as far away as possible, whilst still being comfortable to view. The top of the screen should be level with the eyes.

2. Mouse and keyboard

There should be sufficient desk space to allow for comfortable use without stretching.

4. Chair

Chairs should be correctly adjusted to suit each individual. Ideally your chair should offer a range of adjustments to allow for a comfortable and supportive seating position. See our ‘Are you sitting comfortably’ section.

Ergonomics and Office Furniture
  • Let the backrest support your back
  • Maintain an eye to screen distance of at least 40cm
  • Keep your forearms horizontal and elbows bent at an angle slightly in excess of 90deg
  • Avoid pressure behind the knees by keeping your legs bent at an angle of at least 90deg
  • Keep you feet resting on the floor
  • Occupy the whole surface area of the seat
  • Adjust the backrest height to support the pelvis and lumbar region


Ergonomics and Office Furniture

The desk should be large enough to accommodate the equipment and work required by the individual. Adequate storage should be provided to avoid unnecessary clutter on the desk. Height adjustable desks may be considered for particularly tall, or short users or where the Disability Discrimination Act may be relevant.

In addition to the actual furniture we would also consider issues such as lighting and the position of the furniture in relation to windows etc, which could affect glare on screens.

A combination of good space planning and ergonomic understanding will create an efficient and comfortably working environment.