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Lease / Finance

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  • 94% of the Times Top UK Companies use leasing to acquire assets
  • 90% of Local Authorities
  • 90% of firms of Chartered or Certified Accountants

You should consider the concept of leasing your office furniture.

Through our leasing partners, we provide a comprehensive range of finance solutions.

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Why Lease? Consider the benefits below

  • An excellent way to budget for future expenditure. All rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement thus allowing you to accurately budget for future expenditure.
  • Possibility for off balance sheet financing. Certain agreements offer taxation savings as all rentals may be allowable against corporation tax.
  • You can preserve your existing lines of credit or cash position for your business working capital requirements.
  • You can arrange for the regular rentals to be in line with your budgeted expenditure by altering the length of the agreement.
  • You can pay VAT on each rental as opposed to when you purchase the equipment.

The agreement is a medium term facility, which cannot be withdrawn, provided the rentals are made. The uncertainty that may be associated with overdrafts, which are repayable upon demand, is removed.