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4Ever Manager Rectangular Meeting Table Duo (400x100cm)

4Ever Manager Rectangular Meeting Table Duo (400x100cm)
Rectangular Meeting table
  • 4 standard legs
  • Melamine or HPC surface
  • non-adjustable

The meeting tables are simplistic and in keeping with the theme set by the design team at 4efer manager. The variety of materials used co-ordinate and contrast with the desk units, and are easy to incorporate into an office.
Monowall and meeting furniture

The monowalls are an innovative creation, set on castors and designed to hold things such as monitors, CPU's, papers and stationary in order to free up somewhat limited work surfaces. They are metallic within their structure, with removable panels for versatility and additional shelving units to ensure that you choose the layout that suits you. The meeting furniture from the 4ever manager collection is simplistic within its design. It is available in either a circular or a rectangular shape, and is made using a metallic leg structure and a melamine or HPC surface to coincide with the main desk units.

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System Furniture Desktop Finishes Wenge (mo) French Apple (rh) Light Oak (rd)
System Furniture Structure Aluminium (sa) Graphite (sc)
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Working from home Currently nearly 3 per cent of the country’s working population work from home on a full time basis, with nearly 7 per cent working partially at home. This has meant that office furniture manufacturers have had to adapt or redesign their products to suit this increasing market. Standard desks sizes have been reduced in size to fit in to the “smaller” office, and the style and finish of the desks and storage have been redesigned to feel more at home. The furniture has also become more multifunction in order to fit in with its new environment. There have also been issues with regard to health and safety, as the rules with respect to furniture and office furniture are much more strict for domestic use, than for commercial use, but most manufacturers have overcome this hurdle.

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