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Times Square Medium Height Cupboard

Times Square Medium Height Cupboard
  • 4 shelves
  • melamine faced shell
  • frosted glass or wood veneer doors

The Times Square cupboards have been ergonomically designed to introduce a distinguished quality to any work office. It uses a combination of wood veneer and frosted glass to co-ordinate with the main desk units from the same range of office furniture, offering practical storage and style at the same time. The cupboards offer many different dorr formats to allow for personal choice and diversity.
Cupboards and Bookshelf

The diverse collection of cupboards and bookcases within the Times Square range of office furniture offers a unique way of introducing storage units into the office space. It uses the same materials as the main desk units, and also takes on the solid wood veneer structure designs found in the desk units to co-ordinate and streamline the furniture within the office space. Metallic shells are used as an effective type of base, allowing a structural feature to add texture and contrast in the form of a different material. The dimensions of the cupboards are varied to ensure you find one that caters for your specific requirements.

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Door Options S1 Open Shelves S2 2 Doors S3 2 Glass Doors S4 Refrigerator Unit
Desktop Finishes Natural oak Veneer Dark oak Veneer
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Financing your office furniture The cost of your office refurbishment can be quite significant and maybe not something you want to have to pay for in one financial year. So you can either purchase the furniture outright with funds raised through a commercial loan (your bank manager) or you can arrange to lease the furniture over an agreed period. The main difference between the two is that in the first instance you own the furniture from the day it is delivered, and therefore it is classed as capital equipment and needs to be shown in your accounts accordingly. With the lease option you pay a monthly fee to use the furniture, and at the end of the period the furniture is taken away.

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