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Circular Meeting Table with single pedestal leg

Circular Meeting Table with single pedestal leg
Individual Meeting Table
  • Circular: 74H x 120 Diameter cm
  • Single Pedestal Legs in Graphite or Aluminium finish
  • 38mm tops in Light Oak (HPC), French Apple (HPC), Pear (HPC) or Wenge (Melamine) finish

Individual Meeting Tables

Oval, Barrel or Circular meeting tables with tops in Light Oak (HPC) Pear (HPC), French Apple (HPC) or Wenge (Melamine). Legs in Aluminium or Graphite finish available as four tubular legs or 2 central stem legs.

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System Furniture Desktop Finishes French Apple (rh) Amber Cherry (ra) Salmon Pear (rb) Golden Beech (rc) Light Oak (rd) Pearl Grey (rg)
System Furniture Structure Aluminium (sa) Graphite (sc)
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Fitting costs The costs to provide a furniture fitting service continues to rise each year. Fuel is a major factor, but also the increased congestion means that less jobs can be carried out each days. Salaries have increased and parking wardens seem to even more vigilant and less tolerant than ever. Vehicle purchase or lease costs also seem to have increased, mainly due to the cost of raw materials. When all these factors are weighed against the fact that in real terms the actual cost of office furniture has decreased ( foreign imports, improved manufacturing techniques) the actual percentage cost that the fitting service represents against the total cost of the furniture, has risen very significantly . Nowadays the installation cost can be as much as 10% of the total retail cost of the furniture for the average type of furniture.

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