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The series collection comprises of many different ranges of office chairs, varying in their design and purpose to provide a well rounded selection from which to choose. Each chair is designed to the highest standard, incorporating varied features such as adjustable height and backrests, and different leg options to maintain a high standard of office furniture.

Series 2000 Series 2000 The traditionally designed Series 2000 collection of office chairs concentrates on the basics of quality ergonomics, incorporating comfort and style so as to provide an exception all round piece of office furniture. Available with a medium or high back, and a choice of standard or height adjustable arm rests, the structure is set on a selection of either cantiliver, 4 legs or castors.
Series 3000 Series 3000 The Series 3000 range of office chairs have been designed with comfort, quality and style in mind, with high and medium back rests available throughout the collection. A synchronised mechanism enhances the 3000 range, and are available in a cantiliver version as well as the central castor legged frame. A wider back shape has been implemented.
Series 4300 Series 4300 The Series 4300 range features an innovative and original 'shirt tailed' back rest design that is flexible and designed to offer comfort at the desk. The range is only available as a high backed chair only, featuring an effective synchronised mechanism with a single lever adjustment feature. A cantiliver or central castor set leg design.
Series 6100 Series 6100 The Series 6100 range includes a permanent contact back in a large frame, designed to maximise comfort. The ratchet altered back height adjuatment teamed with an optional seat slideprovides the user with an exceptional ergonomic fit, and is contoured using interior foam to provide a support. Available in either cantiliver or castor legs variety.
Series 6500 Series 6500 The Series 6500 range of exceptional office chairs consists of black mesh back rest fabric to increase air circulation, set onto a skeletal frame designed for enhanced lumbar support. Each Series 6500 chair comes with the beneficial addition of a unique head rest, designed to improve comfort and ergonomic design within the structure of the office chair.
Series 7100 Series 7100 The Series 7100 collection has concentrated on offering a luxurious solution to office seating. With a choice of either a high or medium height back rest with permanent contact facilities combined with additional adjustable arm rests and independant or synchronised mechanisms, the 7100 series is a top choice of office chair.
Series 8000 Series 8000 The Series 8000 model of office chair has been developed for conference and seminar purposes, as its frame design allows for a stackable storage solution. Available in a large range of different fabrics and colours, and with a strong metallic structure, this highly popular and practical range of office chairs is diverse and flexible, ready to suit your specific requirements.
Series 8100 Series 8100 The 8100 Series is designed using the same seat and back structure as the 8000 series, but attached to one another in the form of a bench unit, making it suitable for use within reception areas. Available in 2, 3 and 4 seater units in various combinations including tables and arm rests, and offering an optional spring loaded fold up seat structure to conserve space.
Series 8300 Series 8300 Comprising of a fully upholstered seat and stylishly moulded back rest set atop a metallic four legged structure, the 8300 Series is ideal for use within conference and meeting areas. The srtucture is available with or without arm rests, and can also be fitted with a writing table on either the left or right arm. Can be stacked for conventional storage solutions.
Series 8500 Series 8500 Presenting a contemporary collection of chairs, stools and tables, the 8500 Series is an ideal choice for coffee bar style seating areas. The design is crisp and clean, and is able to co-ordinate and enhance any type of office space. Concentrating on producing a minimalistic ambience within any space, the 8500 series is simplistic and stylish.
Series 9000 Series 9000 The Series 9000 selection of office chairs has been designed with comfort in mind, providing a soft seating collection that is suitable for any break area within an office. Available in a one or two seater design, the comfortable padded structures and contemporary style help to establish the 9000 series as a welcome addition to a communal work area.
Series 9100 Series 9100 Series 9100 provides any office interior with an exceptional range of comfortable seating suitable for reception areas and waiting rooms of any description. The selection of soft seating is available as a one or two seater combination, and can be fitted with one or two arm rests depending on your personal requirements. Amatching upholstered square glass-top table is available.
Series 9500 Series 9500 The fully modular Series 9500 range of soft seating has been designed to allow for full flexibility within an office space, incorporating practicality and style within one seating range. The mixture of convex and concave units allow the seating to be shaped in accordance with your individual office space, and are available with or without arm rests.

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