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Steel 6 Starter Unit 180cm Double Bench Desk

Steel 6 Starter Unit 180cm Double Bench Desk
180 x 80+80cm Double Bench Unit with Arch Legs
  • Starter Unit with 2 outer legs
  • 72h x 180w x 80+80d cm

Bench Desks

25mm Melamine desktops with 2mm PVC edging. Arch-shaped metallic legs, fixed or height adjustable between 62mm and 86mm. Structural beam of open-sided, telescopic design in sheet steel. Shared leg options.

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Functional Furniture Desktop Finishes White Maple (ma) Light Beech (mb) Salmon Beech (mc) Copper Pear (md) Light Grey (mf)
Functional Furniture Structure Aluminium
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Solid wood office furniture Dealers are often asked for solid wood furniture ( like we got in the old days) but in truth decent quality wood furniture has always been made with veneers and not with solid wood. The main reason is because solid wood, when subject to different humidity, easily warps and bends as it dries out or absorbs moisture. Most quality furniture is now made using a reliable base such as chipboard or MDF onto which is glued a thin sheet ( 0.6mm) of real wood veneer. The veneer is applied to both surfaces to balance the timber, so that the strains caused by the wood veneer drying out are equal.

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