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Steel 6 120cm Extension Unit Double Bench Desk

Steel 6 120cm Extension Unit Double Bench Desk
120 x 80+80cm Double Bench Unit with Intermediate Legs
  • Extension Unit with single inner legs
  • 72h x 120w x 80+80d cm

Bench Desks

25mm Melamine desktops with 2mm PVC edging. Arch-shaped metallic legs, fixed or height adjustable between 62mm and 86mm. Structural beam of open-sided, telescopic design in sheet steel. Shared leg options.

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Functional Furniture Desktop Finishes White Maple (ma) Light Beech (mb) Salmon Beech (mc) Copper Pear (md) Light Grey (mf)
Functional Furniture Structure Aluminium
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What is MFC The full name for MFC is Melamine Faced Chipboard and this is what most office furniture is made from. It is a man made product, often finished in a wood effect. It is extremely hardwearing and durable, and will not fade over time. It is also resistant to most chemicals usually encountered in an office environment. The manufacturing process is quite complex but put simply, a thin sheet of paper print (almost like a thin wall-paper of the wood grain ) is placed onto a sheet of Chipboard, and then melamine (a high temperature liquid plastic remember camping plates and cups) is poured over the surface, rolled out to a standard thickness, and then allowed to cool. The same is done to the opposite side and the board is then sent to the office furniture manufacturer to make it into office furniture.

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