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Assymetrical Sit-Stand Workstation

Assymetrical Sit-Stand Workstation
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Wave Electric Height Adjustable Desk
  • Asymmetrical Wave, 160 x 100/80cm desktop available in Grey, Beech, Cherry and Pear finishes
  • 2 motors, one in each leg
  • Adjustable from 62 - 130 cm
  • Optional vertebral cable trunk
  • Left- or right-hand versions available

Computer Workstations

We offer a full range of computer workstations and multi-media stands for all requirements. We also supply monitor arms, CPU holders, keyboard trays etc. We also have an electric sit-stand height adjustable desk.

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System Furniture Desktop Finishes Amber Cherry (ra) Salmon Pear (rb) Golden Beech (rc) Light Oak (rd) Pearl Grey (rg)
System Furniture Structure Aluminium (sa)
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Castors and Glides Most office chairs are supplied with either Castors or Glides depending on their purpose. Most operator chairs will have castors to enable the user to move around in the chair much more easily. Some Castors have braking mechanisms which apply friction to the wheel when not under load. These are mainly used on hard floors to prevent the chair from moving away when getting out of it. Some Castor are especially designed for wood and laminate floors and have soft urethane wheels to prevent any damage being done to the floor. Glides are really only used in situations where the chair is not designed to move on the floor. For instance draftsman or laboratory chairs, which are very tall, will always have castors because the higher centre of gravity will be very dangerous if castors were fitted. Also in many boardrooms the meeting chairs will be fitted with castors to prevent the chairs being moved around during the meeting and causing a distraction.

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