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Keyboard Shelf Designed to clip over the edge of 25mm desktops

Keyboard Shelf Designed to clip over the edge of 25mm desktops
Slip-on keyboard shelf
  • Designed to clip over the edge of 25mm desktops
  • W x D: 54 x 30cm
  • Graphite finish

Computer Workstations

We offer a full range of computer workstations and multi-media stands for all requirements. We also supply monitor arms, CPU holders, keyboard trays etc. We also have an electric sit-stand height adjustable desk.

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Office lighting It is very important to seek expert advice in this respect and your office furniture dealer will usually be able to help. Most modern offices are fitted with the standard fluorescent lights with diffusers, and are adequate for most offices, provided that some additional metal filament lighting is incorporated in to the office space. This can either be high power up-lighters which throw a large amount of light onto the ceiling , and is usually adjustable in intensity, or desk mounted which allow each individual user to adjust their own environment. Lighting is very important as it prevents eyestrain which can lead to headaches, and it helps to maintain focus and concentration on difficult tasks

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